What's the point of another tournament already?


You think the result is gonna be much different than the last one? It’s only been a few weeks…

Everybody already knows Legomin and relentless are gonna top out the leaderboards and just get that much more DNA and coins, really what is the point of this? Because flyers are enough of a nuance to shake up the top spots?

And if you MUST do another tournament how about you make it a separate leaderboard instead of resetting everyone again? Last tournament was absolutely miserable near the end because you had to pick between keeping your leaderboard ranking or risking it for hourly incubators.

I love you Ludia but you need to calm down and take some more feedback from your last tourney.

EDIT: Additionally there are bugs where speed is being misrepresented and damage previews aren’t taking into account armor or shields.

There should not be another tournament this soon.


The point is its more money for them as people will spend more to stay above 4000 they don’t care about the bugs if they did they would of fixed them


What’s the point in not having a tournament when we could be having one?


Myp who do you think will win the tournament? Do you think it will be the guys who placed top 3 about 2 weeks ago? The guys who are at/approaching 10,000 trophies in the short time since then?

Yeah I think so too, that’s why we don’t need a tournament. Nothing has changed. I’ve been in and out of the top 500 several times and my matches take forever to find. These prizes will only be had by a handful of players. It’s pointless when the update is so fresh and the problems haven’t been fixed.

Removing cheaters means nothing if the tournament is still more of a chore than it is fun.


Why does something have to change in order to have fun?


No matter what they did, of course the same (or almost) are going to win it. Their teams are just way too strong. And it’s a reward for whatever they invested.
A level 16 player is not going to win a global tournament

In my opinion this kind of tournament should not be seen as a course to the top 3 (if you’re not already here, you’re probably too far behind) but as a bonus : you already battle to get your incubs but now, you get a chance to get more rewards at the end of the month ! Without changing anything to your battles !
Why not appreciate that bonus ?

They even reset a lot higher this time meaning that low level players won’t be crushed by top 100. It’s an improvement and a great one.


Because it wasn’t fun the first time and if nothing changes it won’t be fun this time.

The same players will win.

The same players will get beat on by the top players after reset.

The same players will place in the top 500.

The same players who didn’t receive rewards last time won’t place high enough to receive rewards this time.

What is the point of having another tournament if it’s going to the same result? I was worried about this in the initial tournament when I saw the prize and thought it would keep the top guys at the top for the foreseeable future.

If Ludia is going to feed them top prizes every month it seems that’s on track to occur.


I’m sincerely hoping to achieve a better result than last time and I’ll have a lot of fun trying. Not sure why you aren’t. It’s not like the prizes are so big that you can’t get ahead if you try hard enough.


This is so false the setup is completely different this time… the reset is way higher and players had less time to accumulate trophies meaning we don’t see low level players with 4000 trophies


Random thoughts… Presuming tournaments are a way for Ludia to earn more revenue… But I think these tournaments will have the opposite outcome in the long run… By giving out prizes to the same folks time and again, they are creating a huge, unbridgeable gap between the top 500 and the remaining player base… This will, in effect, disinsentivize lower tier players to invest in the game… I mean, why pay good money knowing you can never make it to the top?


The top 1,000 or so must really be spending a lot of cash to make it to the Top 500 Leaderboard. Odd since the average winning prize can be purchased right now for $25.

What I don’t understand is why is it a Top 500? There are 100,000 + players who have no hope whatsoever in reaching that level. Tournaments mean nothing to 99% of the players.

What they need is to break out the Leaderboard by region, like Draconius Go does. A person may not sniff the Top 500 but may like to rank in the South America 500, or UK 500. That would also give players an idea of who the other players in their region are.


And you’re welcome to try, but a majority of the playerbase is going to get beat down by the top guys, receive no rewards, and drop down arenas as a result.

If there were a separate leaderboard for the tournament they wouldn’t have to reset everybody, but in its current state it will not be enjoyable.



This was my concern with the first tournament, and if they’re just going to churn these out each month to the top players there won’t be much of a point participating.


It’s an improvement to the players in lower arenas sure, but it’s not changing the result nor is it rewarding a wider range of players for participation.

I have a full team of Legendaries with an Indoraptor, level 20+ with a few exceptions, and a level 24 Stegodeus.

I barely eked out a top 500 finish. I’m F2P and have been playing this game since June. I probably won’t be able to place top 500 this time.

The requirements to receive ANY prize alienate so much of the playerbase and strengthen the top guys so much more that it just seems like a monthly gift to the whales rather than something players will look forward to.


Many of the same players will win because they had spent and will spend a lot of time and/or money on the game. The rewards themselves are a much smaller influence.


1,000,000 coins is not a small influence.


Not denying what you’re saying! Just think that, from a business point of view, it would be better to widen your paying customer base… That’s all.


It is in a way. The amount you have to spend to be where they are is way, way beyond that…

But of course if you are a F2P I can understand it seems so many


True but it’s a textbook example of rich getting richer and poor getting poorer.

The gap between free players and paying whales just gets that much bigger each time they dump millions of coins into the hands of the top players. If it means so little to them, why not reward participation to a larger audience?


Simple solution would be allowing us to opt out of tournament and instead just do regular battles to fill incubator slots. I don’t think this matching thing will ever get fixed regardless of the existence of cheaters, so for people who are only interested in the fun of adding to their collections having the option to sit out would be ideal. That way, people who want to compete and compete, people who just want to dart can dart. Can’t speak for others but I’m more likely to spend if I’m not stressed by the game :slight_smile: