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What's the point of DNA now?

So since boosts now can make a lvl 21 whatever take out a lvl 30 whatever, boosts are far more valuable than DNA. So, there is essentially little point in battling for incubators, hunting, or alliance mission rewards. Who cares about 500 Sino if you’re just going to face a Thor with 180 speed and 2100 base attack? So what is the point of this game now?


The idea WAS that the boosts wouldn’t be something you bought 500 of and dumped all of them into all your dinos at once. The number you need increases arithmetically like every other dino building resource in the game. It was expected that people would pick and choose wisely and boost the dinosaurs they thought were most valuable at a given time. They might even pick dinos with useful kits but weak stats overall, to vary the teams you meet in the arena.

What actually happened was some people bought bucketloads of them instead of, say, battling to get them from daily incubators, and dumped all of them into all their dinos at once. It’s pretty much what you’d expect, but those people were already the ones who’ve poured money into the game to be better than everyone else, and were already at the top of the leaderboards anyway. Those people will stay there.

For everyone else, little will change, you’ll either slowly build your team up and climb the ranks or you won’t. You’ll get lucky sometimes and the opponent’s dino will be slower or weaker than yours, and sometimes, theirs will be stronger. The same as it is when dinos of different levels entirely meet.

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Problem is that in the past it was your dinosaurs levels and skill that held you back fro, higher ranks, and both could be conquered with time (hunting, getting better at the game)!

But now the top 500 will be super boosted dinosaurs, so even if you become the best player skill wise in the world, and grinded and got your team to level 30, that won’t be enough of you have a massively boosted dinosaur 1 shotting your full health dino!

Basically if you are a free player or rely on the fre pe boosts, you ain’t getting into the top ranks when you have a Trex critting for 11 thousand!

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No point at all! I have stopped hunting altogether…


Just wanted to add that, since I have quit hunting, the VIP benefits, i.e. 200 m darting radius and increased coin drops, are irrelevant and meaningless, so I will be canceling my subscription.

I still find enjoyment going outside and hunting dinosaurs. It’s probably just me though. I never cared for the PvP aspects of the game. Boosts, if they stay, could help my team take on some of the harder strike towers.