What's the point of hunting when there's nothing to dart?

Ludia you just lost a faithful VIP subscriber and pay per win player.

I see what you are doing with epic spawns: you want us to buy scents and incubators, so you nerfed spawn rates to the ground.
When they rarely spawn they are all the same, obviously on purpose.

Baryonyx should be a night spawn, I see him everywhere, even in daylight; just him, brachios and concavenators.
Since 1.5 (1 month) I have yet to see a wild Kentro, after dozen of hours spent in his zone.
Why? Because you released his dedicated scent.

I just ended a 2h hunt in my car: 0 wild epics.
I’m hunting in a city, not in the middle of the Atlantic.
This type of route I made used to grant me AT LEAST 5/6 epics pre 1.5.

Last but not least: spawn areas and schedules are pathetic.
If you live in the northern emisphere, basically, you can’t hunt for 3/4 of this meta dinos; unless of course you don’t have stuff to do like a job -during the short daytime.
Also variety and distribution of spawns are really really horrible.
Hunting is just so boring, it doesn’t even make sense.

Who needs darting perks when there’s nothing to dart?
I’ll just wait for weekly stuff, farm those epics and stop giving you money.
If you try to hard to make money you will get the opposite result.

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