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What's the point of the boost shuffle? I really want to know!

I genuinely want to know what’s Ludia’s goal here? Surely every event has a goal in mind and I sincerely want to know what’s the thinking behind this one?

If it’s meant to further increase disparity between lower/mid players vs veterans then congratulations to Ludia!!

Maybe I’m being a little biased here but what would the veterans lose if this was the case? Oh yeah they would be stuck with boosted Tryko, Maxima, mRhino… My heart goes out to them : /
What we’ll now see is instant max attack Cera, Lux etc. As if the meta dino pool wasn’t small enough to encourage more choices.
Nitro Thor will be replaced my Nitro Mortem. Yay!!

I know this seems like a rant but I think that if you make your bed then you sleep in it. Players that had boosts on Thor, Rixis, Indoraptor, Monometro etc had their share of fun and progressed to a point with these choices. I had monometro too- speed 135, couple of boosts on HP and attack and I think it’s fair to lose those cos it helped me progress to a point.

Or at the very least the refund ought to have cost coins instead of this reset gimmick which will further widen the chasm between players who were at the brink of progressing to a new arena.

This is my first post though I’ve been playing the game for exactly one year. Maybe it’ll be my last. I’m less inclined to continue playing this game. As a free player who’s still building my team for arena and tournaments, I see no way of catching up to those I was getting closer to.
Good luck to all those who still enjoy playing this. Cheers and stay safe.


It helps people rearrange your boosts with out losing the 50% of your boosts


I think he understands that, but he’s looking for the real reason Ludia does it.

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Because players build specific dinos for their team and balancing can make them less useful. Since those changes can also effect matchups the best and most fair way to handle balancing changes is to allow a boost redistribution. I know it’s scary with the Apexs running around but most people had the boosts to max them and ultimately this allows everyone to tweak and adjust their team which in theory should provide you the opportunity to integrate new team members or experiment with new strategies and will benefit everyone and every level


I know what you’re saying but balancing affects a few dinos and this is a complete reset. Let’s not forget that coins are spent to build teams and you don’t get those back. And the higher you climb, coins are what you’re likey to lack most

I agree, this breaks the sand more, the only people who should have been allowed the boost reimbursement were those who had Monolometrodon or Sarcorixis in their team because those were the harmed after the last update, the rest should not have This has been the case because the variety of creatures will not change much, they will all promote the same creatures that they already had and the Apexes are added, but in the end Ludia is a company, and those who pay are the ones who keep the game alive, that’s why thus, Ludia should make a refund of coins to those who are harmed after each update, where they change a creature that people had spent the most necessary resource of this game which is the coins.

The point: I just replaced my level 20 velociraptor with my level 16 poukaidei. So I can boost poukaidei.

I can appreciate that. I too will refund boosts from now obsolete or unused dinos. My point is that it comes at a far greater cost. Many players at the top will now have north of 8000-10000 boosts. All freed up to fully boost meta dinos in arena and tournaments. Whatever chance there was for players at my level has now been pushed further back

Wouldn’t the lower level players benefit as they climb and unlock upper rarity creatures? I feel its more of a pain to start the game now than when i started at the beginning.