What's the purpose of GEN 2?


They’re typically weaker than their GEN 1 counterparts, and they don’t evolve. So are GEN 2 dinos just “pack fillers”? Is their sole purpose just to help you level up?


They hinted that they will be used for hybrids in the future. I Think spino and Rex gen 2 will make nice hybrids personally.


I really hope T.Rex2 gets used for something… it’s great for middle tiers and if you’ve been playing a while, there’s a good chance you have one at a decently high level (especially after the recent special event)


I have most dino’s sat at level 15 ready for any future hybrids :grin: hoping Tanya gets used in a unique too.


I think Gen 2 is mostly a time saver for Ludia, just re-skinned versions of already made assets. easy to fluff the roster or give players a more common version of a popular critter. Personally i would have preferred more variety in critters and will continue to hope for such in the future.


it’s incubator filler. so they can say you’re gonna get 7,000 DNA from an incubator and then 98% of it is going to be useless gen 2 garbage.