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What's the use of these pathetic incubator boost?

Seriously, what’s the use of getting these incubator for boost? We get a pathetic amount of boosts for our efforts? Woo hoo. Way to go!

I get 4 attack or 4 health from my incubators. That is a pathetic amount!

I am being serious. What exactly is Ludia trying to do here?


They are trying to slow down the boosting of dinosaurs so we don’t end up with the overwhelming issues that the Arena had before the update.


They add up. You get more boosts from speeding up incs than you will get from the sales if they keep using the old price. They turned the game into an incubator grind. There will be serious balance issues coming soon because of this.


Would you like to make an example?

That’s why I still holding on to my green cash. If they reset in to a new boosts-system, I would not be happy to spent all my green cash on incubators.

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The top players have quite a lot of HC. They use 864 HC to speed open incubators and get 50 boosts. This is less than the 1k HC for the same amount of boosts. There is no cap to how much they can get from this method of boost farming. So over time, the top players have 1000s more boosts than those who choose not to speed open incubators. There have been cases of 1 or 2 players farming 1k boosts over a 12 hour period.


@Moksha its exactly what @arugono said

Its for whales to be able to spend more money. Previously they would have to wait for boosts to go on sale in the store to buy them so they were limited.

Now they can continuously open incubators with their cash to get boosts. As pointed out earlier you even get more boosts per hard cash spent by opening incubators instead of buying boost sales.

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I’ve been speeding up incubators with the 1,300 HC I had been saving up for a straight Prichard. Just using it on 3-hr and 15-min ones. I noticed that the 24-hr came much sooner, about 3 days after the 12-hr

Getting Incubators is not random. So there’s no sooner or later.

still kinda surprising they don’t just have them in the store with limitless purchases 24/7
and with no tier caps
im sure thats coming though

The use is Ludia’s and the use is to get you to shell out money.

It’s also good because it encourages us to battle more. People looking for matches = more match-ups and that’s welcome.

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That is true though I doubt Ludia actually planned that to happen.

Its been a while since battling has been this intense and efficient. So long as Nublar Shores is not reached, 10 battles take around 35 minutes to complete. Farming battles now is easier and so is grinding incubators.

Make you play the game and create incentive?

But a bunch of us paid out thousands of dollars so you see they have don’t this all the time get people to pay for the game then mess the game up I. Us I spent over 600 dollars on this game before I realised they were taking out money and then totally messing around with the Dino’s and then they added costs to try and get more money from everyone that all they do is take take and take some more

When you pay 30 HC to Speed through all the 3-hr incubators you certainly do get to the 24-hr ones much quicker than the usual 4 weeks.

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