What's the utility of swap in lockdown

What’s the utility of swap in lockdown if it activates after the opponent already swapped. Come on just gives Andrewtodon no escape!

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There is no utility. It’s a useless move that’s made even worse by the fact that, by swapping in to use it, you sacrifice your Revenge attack. It needs it removed for No Escape.


I would say remove the swap in for no escape and change the piercing revenge move. If it were to gain no escape what is it he point of having a move that applies swap prevention it no escape has it?

I would love an swap in instant distraction and no escape

Maybe it is for like swapping in on a slower, low health creature that is trying to swap out and has no swap prevention that you would be able to kill the next turn but it seems like too many variables and is kinda useless

Nope because the swap in effects activates after the opponent creature already swapped

Andrewtops is one of those creatures that they just made to look cool. Piercing Revenge sounds better than Revenge Rending Lockdown right. I’m pretty sure they added the word “Delayed” to DRDR to make it sound cooler. Why not Revenge Distracting Rampage or Distracting Rampage Revenge?

I did not realize that, thanks for correcting me

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Nope. It’s not like that.

It’s like that. You swap Andrew faster than your opponent, then also your opponent creature is swapped and then at that moment the lockdown activates. I use Andrew in battle so I know it

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What I meant is the swap in activates before your opponent swaps.