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What's this years summer update (2.9)?

What do you think should the next summer update going to be.
As in term of new creatures we can assume that we will get the new survey hybrids


And i hope the aquanits finally

I heard Megalonyx (ground sloth), and Archaeopteryx (early bird) are going to be in summer’s update.


Ok anything else?

I don’t think we get aquatics before update 3.0 and if they’re gonna make update 2.10 i don’t think until the end of thid year


Where you heard it from?

We also need all the real dino creatures from ARK Survival Evolved to Jurassic World Alive.
Oh and we also need a daily login calendar that gives us resources,month’s special dinosaur DNA and a rare incubator at the 27th day of login.

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Something like the Rise of Berk calendar, I suppose.

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From a datamine on the official JWA Discord (Gamepress JWA server)


Maybe we finally get Ceratosaurus

Ok what other species are leaked

Yup, both were datamined and the names were posted on the GP discord

Obviosly huge spoilers from now on

So first we have Megalonyx i assume this will be a simple rare sloth. Weather it’s epic or rare as long as it’s somewhat similar to eremotherium it will defenetly change up the tournament meta at least a little bit which i’m pretty happy about

Archeopteryx will most likely be a new rig of ancient gliding birds (and yes i know archa was capable of powerd flight, but i imagane it would still have some gliding animations), it is very likely a cunning flock. It could maybe be like a 2 flock creature (comaperd to compys and dodos being 3), who knows ludia seems to be adding many new mechanics recently but my bets are still on 3

Also this could mean, microraptor, yi qi, sinornithosaurus…in the future

The last one is very likley a hybrid “coelhaast”

This defenetly doesen’t mean aquatics with a coelecanth, if it was we’d problably datamine other stuff about it

Theres only 1 thing currently in the game with “coel” in it’s name and thats wooly rhino or coelodonta it could be either gens of haast and rhino, but that would most likley result in an exclusivity changing update and rhino returning to the wild (which i realy hope does not happen)

If it’s rhino it’s most likely returning to the wild cuz exclusives having 3 hybrids…

However it could also be our boi porky, but i find it pretty unlikley they’d go back in a liniage, grab that coel from rhino, and use it in the name of the unique, rather then taking something from porky
If it does have to be from the rhino liniage i hope it’s porky
If it is it’s very likley porky + hast g2, i doubt they’d fuse an already exclusive creature with another exclusive

Now another option which i honestly think is more likely is coelophysis, which could work as a common/rare compy flock (however theres no actual datamines of physis it self), but this is my question, compy + eagle, would that use either of their rigs? Or the new “ancient/gliding bird” rig?

Also while naming haast’s eagle hybrids they used “poukai” (which i think is meant to be like a name for a giant bird that was used in Oceania, idk i forgot), “aquila” which is the genus name of the golden eagle. And now “haast” it self rather then the actualy genus name of the creature


Perhaps coelhaast could be coelurus + haast gen 2. I rather hope Megalonyx to be a rare since other ground sloths like Megatherium and Lestodon would be better epics. I wonder if they’re gonna give Archaopteryx a gen 2 and 3. Are there other leaked creatures?

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Ye though of coelosaurus as well, but i think physis is just more likley

Yeah kinda agree, hoping megatheirum would be epic

Idk if they’d wanna give archa other gens in the first place, theres quite a few other ancient birds to take the spot, and i don’t think they’ll have many gen 3s in the first place and even less on archa

Also no thats it’s just these 3

Perhaps more creatures will be datamined with the chance of a new rig and a possible new species for the hybrid

I hope they add micro and Utah raptor

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Utahraptor is in game already, though I would love to see microraptor flocks running about, hope it would have new animations


Is that a new hybrid of some kind?

Utahraptor is already in the game.

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i think they meant aquatics

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