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What's Up Ludia Support?

Hello??? Ludia U There???

What’s Really Going On??? Ban Me For This??? Ha Ok…???

I Don’t See Nothing Inappropriate About My Post!!!

Shaw, its not ludia doing it, its community members flagging your post for some reason.

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Froman… most people who are on here regularly don’t mind her pics. She always posts in the descriptions how many there are and if you don’t want to look you don’t have to

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I wouldn’t necessarily agree with that. I don’t complain because I pretty much just avoid her topics.

That said maybe her account has been hacked. I clicked on one of her hidden replies ther other night because I was surprised and figured it was just an excessive amount of pictures. Instead there were a bunch of links to what appeared to be offensive material. At least based on what was written. I did not click on it.

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Lol, I was being facetious. And yes I don’t look at the posts with scads of pictures in them.

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