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What's up with all the whining?

I have been reading through the topics about certain Dinos that people think are OP. Especially once they lose a few times. I know. I get it. I have had my fair share of losing as well. I actually do not use Raptors or Theropods. Instead, I tend to use my Sauropods and Herbivores. Which I am pretty proud of because I can K.O. a raptor and my set up I feel is pretty decent when going up against the mixed and theropod teams.

After observing quite a few battles. I feel it determines what level the dino is certainly at. Because my triceratops was once a level 3 and now it is a level 10. Which is a total beast now by the way. As our team grows they tend to get better. Yes, loads of people enjoy the raptors and they can get annoying in battle because of this. That is until they run into my sauropods. Muahahaha! :smirk:

But not even saying my team is invincible because it isn’t. I am pretty proud of my herbivores. Perhaps the raptor needs to be nerfed but… from experiencing it and having my own (Which I do not use because everyone uses it). Do not nerf it too much or else it would be too easy and less satisfying when you beat one.

One more thing.

Sauropods are #1 :wink: :heart:


Totally agree on all points. Raptors might need a tiny bit of nerfing but they are pretty balanced once you learn the battle strategies. It’s really satisfying to take out a Velociraptor in the first round with one of my counter dinos and then know I don’t have to deal with it the rest of the match. Too much whining when it’s not actually that hard. Nice points.

Nodopatosaurus, Stegoceratops, and Erlikosaurus G1 and 2 to finish off the previous Dino and get that tasty tasty speed boost!

Stegosaurus is also a straight up monster now with the speed eating strike.

I don’t have the best team in the game, I have my fair share of wins and losses, but I think the game is fair as it is! If you can get a few wins, then it’s good! There are always better players out there gaining their way to the top!