What's up with boosts? How about an update?

Hey Ludia, what’s the story? Are you going to do anything with them? Or are you just deciding the best way to offer them for sale again?

I get the feeling they’re still largely unpopular.


To prevent further exploitation, they will not have them on sale. The only way to get boosts is to get them through daily battle incubators and striking event. This way it is even and control distribution

What’s your source for this? The last official thing I have seen is this -

“We are making several changes to prevent abuse of special sales in the future and to clarify our communication of remaining allowed quantity so as to ensure this never happens again.” - [News] Jurassic World Alive | Boosts Issue Update (05/30)

Which gives me the impression they will be for sale again.


It’s not even to put boosts in the store for a limited time and then tell the players who didn’t buy many, or any at all, that they will have to take what they can get through daily incubators and one strike tower per week.

Ludia needs to decide : either the game is P2W or it isn’t. Right now, it’s “paid” to win and it’s anything but even.

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I’d like to see an update on this, too. It seems to me like they keep holding tournaments like throwing glitter in the air to distract us, but the boost problem is still here when the sparkles fade.

I was excited about boosts at first. “Diversify the meta” - that sounded good and I loved seeing retired epics and rares come back to the arena. That was until everyone poured their boosts into the uniques that are already precariously balanced to make monsters of them. What can I do against a Thor with 4.5k health, an attack of 2.3k and speed faster than anything on my team when it already has a 40% crit rate and an instant charge? Doesn’t matter if I kill it, i’m down 2 creatures and they always seem to have an erlidom or dracocera on standby.

I deluded myself into thinking I could keep up if I leveled my team and bought a few boost packs when they were on sale. I was wrong. Levels don’t mean anything anymore. I’ve taken down a lv 30 stegod in one impact with a lv 21 lightly boosted Thor, and my whole team has been owned by a level 14 purutaurus that was highly boosted.

Balance is a joke. So is matchmaking, and trophy awards. I lose 30 trophies every single time I lose - my team is made of level 19-24 creatures. Three of them are uniques, but they are nowhere near as boosted as 90% of what I face in lockwood. I’ve lost 500 trophies this last week, and most of the time i’m not losing because my opponent was more clever or more skilled. I’m losing because of their overpowered Thor. They could start the match with it and walk away, it doesn’t even require user input to wipe the floor with me. Every other hit crits. Distracting it doesn’t help if it’s only 50% because of this.

I used to get annoyed by the “whales” pre-boosts, but now I feel really sorry for them. They sustained this game for a year through buying VIP, coins and incubators, and all it gave them was a slight advantage. They still had to get DNA to make and fuse uniques and leveling a unique to 30 is a real grind. Boosts invalidated that.

I’m not sure that most of the people I face in the arena even play decently well. Most fights go the same way - they start with OP Thor, impact, instant charge, DSR. If I pull in something that might stand a chance like Erlidom or Christmas chicken, they swap to dracocera and one shot me before I can make a move. A challenge is one thing, but this is not a challenge.

Sorry to write such a long post here. Add me to the list of players who want boosts removed. There are hardly any new players coming in and old ones are quitting. It seems like Ludia sold the game to a subset of players who have ruined it for the rest. I hope the price was right.


SO SENSITIVE! I’m sorry, let me put it this way.

Ludia management is too out of touch with the player base to realize that their decisions have had counterproductive results, in the long term, rather than reinvigorating the existing players making them want to continue, and stimulating growth by attracting new players.

(It’s also funny, my post got flagged by the community, but for some odd reason the number of views did not increase from the time I posted it to the time it got flagged? Hmm, weird. Ghost flaggers! :ghost: )