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What's up with the common and epic skill tournament

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Bug Description: my son on his account had 90 medals, now 60 because he couldn’t leave it alone, and was still showing in the leader board as only recieving the participation reward. He’s gutted. He may have lost alot of battles before he gaied the medals he had but I was unaware you could go negative. Please explain so I can explain to him. Thanks.

Area is was found in:PvP tournament

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Tournaments are the same as the arena - you win, you gain trophies; you lose, you lose trophies. Unlike the monthly season its your current score that counts towards the reward not your high score.

What they’re saying (I think) is that their rewards showing is not what they’re suppose to get.

I’m having this same issue. I should be top 250( have 450 medals), but its still showing me placed at 20,000+.

Ah - haven’t seen that but I never trust what the reward says

He should be fine. Take a screenshot. Should get 90 HC and 4200 coins.

I’m in the same spot.

Ok. Thanks everybody. :grin:

Sooooo… My son ended up getting 20 notes in stead of the 90 and 4200 coins for his 60 medals. On my account I had 90 medals. It said I would get 125 notes, can’t remember the coin, and also only got 20 notes. What happening Ludia???

Same thing is happening to me. 300 trophies but it ranked me at 29000.

Hey everyone, could I ask you to email our support team here at with your support key?


I had the same thing 2 tournaments ago and now this one, too. They said they could only refund the entry fee. What a waste of my time. Not entering them again until they get it fixed.