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What's up with the last minute announcement posts lately?

We used to get announcements on things like creature of the month, pvp tournaments, alliance championships, and the works a week in advance before the actual change. As of now we don’t even get those announcements a week in advance anymore, we’re forced to wait the day of the end of pvp seasonal tournaments to see what new rewards we are working for the next month. To add on to things what sort of exacerbates the issue is that it is the fact that we don’t even get all these announcements until later on that day when everyone has already seen the rewards for the next month and start our moan and groan about how they could be much better than what was selected for say (creature of the month and etc). If the ludia management team could please at least communicate better about these things, that’d be nice; there’s almost no point in posting COTM announcements when we’ve pretty much already seen it through in-game news. I would highly appreciate it if the ludia management also took time out of their day to read this. Also please release 1.15 release notes soon, thank you! :slight_smile:


Ludia doesn’t care obv


They’re probably a bit busy with the pending update and all… I imagine it looks something like this over there right now:



It’s been like that for months though, not just the past week. No idea why.
Ludia communications being ludia communications… Not at a good level.

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I feel like more things get messed up when it’s close to update time. Kinda been like that the past few times.

I missed the time when Ludia was actually efficient when it comes to communication. Why did Jorge leave :cry:

Because… Ludia?

@Indankraptor There really was never a time when they had good communication.

I know, ever since a change of community managers, these posts have been all last minute

It was better when Jorge was still around, sure maybe not all things came across efficiently, but it’s better compared to the late and last minute announcements.