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What's up with the Sac item deal? How greedy are you?

So, a premium bundle ($49.99)+ 300 sac bundle ($19.99)- Epic Scent = $99.99?

How much greedier are you, Ludia?

Dude just let them be,they gotta make money to keep the game going,if you don’t like the deal don’t buy it simple as that so many people complain for such dumb reasons

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there’s 15K HC in that bundle. that alone is $99.99. 99 for the premium inc. then add on whatever 100 of each interact would cost. it’s pretty reasonable tbh.

A $99.99 premium bundle would include 15KHC, 700K coins and that incubator. So it’s like exchange 415K coins with 300 sac items. Not a good deal.