Whats up with the stats for some dinos?

I don’t mean to be pushy or anything, but there are a decent amount of hybrids that have stats that make no sense. I’ll start with spinotasuchus. This hybrid needs a major buff! I see no reason for a super rare super hybrid to have less health and only a bit more attack than dimetrocarnus(a rare super hybrid). I’m not saying nerf dimetrocarnus, but make spinotasuchus worth getting. Up next, would be zalmonodon. I don’t really have any problem with zalmonodon, but I just thought that it would have stats more similar to metriaphodon. This was because the dinosaurs used to make each hybrid have very similar stats. However, I’m fine with how zalmonodon was implemented. Those were only a few of which I thought were out of order. Thanks for taking the time to read my little rant. Have a good one folks!


Spino’s main draw is its glass cannon archetype, which makes it great at finishing go matches while Dime is more focused for early mid game. Same case with Zal and Metri, Zal is supposed to be played first to sack a ton of points and then set up a sweeper like Metri

Cooldowns are also a major factor with the creature you mentioned


Spinotasuchus is already worth getting, insane dmg and hp, easy to get as spinoraptor is easy from Modded pvp and even easy to unlock with spinosaurus coming pretty often and utahraptor is i believe a battle stage unlock, plus along with it being a shybrid it means it has a small cd