Whats up with the updates?


My I ask why every time they update the game that if you dont have high-speed data when launching after you update the game it wont work for you? I had this problem before they released the large update adding the new dinosaurs but now with this current update which wasnt even that large I cannot launch my game again I cant get past the loading screen and it wont even work on my Wi-Fi so again I wont be able to play now till I get my data renewed which is really unfair and downright rediculous


Me to it say error 11844


At least I’m not alone in this they seriously need to do something about this, my boyfriend is having the same issue and last time he had to start over on his game


Also this is the screen im stuck at


I’m getting this saying update required BUT no update available and I cannot open my game?


Exactly my problem. I restarted my phone TWO TIMES and it has done nothing. I don’t know what to do


Yea same here. Still nothing!


Fixed it! For some reason the App Store didn’t show the recent updates for apps, so I pulled down and it refreshed the updates, and it showed up. Try that, and it should work. I’m not sure what to do for other brands of phones though.


Mine just let me after refreshing it and shutting off a few times haha!!! It’s still currently loading though but better than when it wouldn’t even open!


Hey dino hunters, if you still have an issue loading back into the game, try the troubleshooting steps on this thread and see if it works Stuck on loaded screen of game?
If there is still an issue, contact our support team at support+forums@ludia.com, and they will be happy to help. Remember to include your support key in your email so our staff can find you faster.