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What's up with this "Treasure Chase"?

I was kind of excited for the return of the chase … but this current one is either bugged or terribly lackluster. The in-game popup indicated a chest would appear every hour, but I (and everyone else I’ve talked to) has gotten to open exactly one and no more have since spawned. The amounts are variable, too, and don’t seem to correlate to proximity to the chest. I got 500, a friend got 5000, and others have gotten amounts in between.

This would be … sort of fine, if the chests were respawning every hour. But my previous experience of the “chase” was multiple chests and a coin cap of 25k (for a lvl 20 account) and you could collect till you reached that cap. Then there were the regular chests, NOT the chase, that spawned every few hours and would give a lot of coins (as long as you opened a chest while on top of it). I understand that with COVID, perhaps this is an attempt at having a “chase” that lets us stay at home/stationary. But it’s certainly not working as advertised, and how on earth are we meant to hit the coin cap if we can only open one? Or, even opening one every hour (if they actually respawned), if the range in amounts is so variable?


I have the same situation as you do.
As usual in this game, I think so. So sad.
Always lack of test, Ludia.


No one wants to spend money on a game they’re frustrated with and even whales can/have/will become tired of it. Boosts have replaced coins as the primary reason for end-game players to save Hard Cash if they don’t spam battles for incubator efficiency.

Without buying coins nearly at the rate Ludia once held customers at because of this, I feel as though they are slowly tightening their grip around our natural progression of access to said coins, trying to squeeze who they can for desperate instant-gratification to relieve the coin burden.

But that’s just a theory…a LUDIA THEORY! Aaaand cut!

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I am inclined to believe this is just another unintended bug, not an underhanded attempt by Ludia to restrict our ability to collect coins. However, it is frustrating. They’re looking into it; perhaps they’ll end up sending another inc to our mailboxes for this. Who knows.

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Same situation here. Opened up one Chase. Got 1k coins.

Have been waiting for the past 12 hours. Not even one new Chase visible. None near. None far.

So, the opportunity to collect another 24k coins gone…


Only got 1 for 500 coins when it started…nothing since and I’ve been driving around quite a bit today.

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I only got 365 coins

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Also just received 1 chest. 1000 coins.

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Yep same here. Chests spawned once and that was it lol

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Same here. I chest only right at the beginning and nothing since

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It is written that the limit is 20000 coins but I got 2000 coins and after that treasure chest disappeared. It is disappointing :rage::angry:

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Treasure chase was fun. It use to let you go find one after the other to hit 25000. Now it’s like 1 an hour. Who has time for that? I found 1 yesterday from a distance and got 500 coins. Wow.

I complained about the weekly incubator replacing the treasure chase as the treasure chase WAS far more fruitful. If it’s going to be like this, then give us the weekly incubator back because this is whack.


If it was one an hour that wouldn’t be quite so bad.
It’s the fact that it seems to be one a day!


One an hour still sucks. I like to go out at 8pm eastern time which is reset for me and collect all my coins. I don’t want to go look for a treasure box every hour. Especially when I worked 83 paid hours last week and about the same this week besides the holiday on Monday.

After over two years of this game being out you would think that they would of been able to sort out these stupid glitchs or mistakes or whatever they are .

But no .


And for today aswell on 25000k we will only get our 500 it seem :slight_smile:
Fantastic ludia,keep continue .


I hit one from a far and got 5k. I hope I find more after work but if it’s 1 an hour I’m screwed.

Why so stingy? Just let us get some coins and be excited. We never get coin sales either.

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Yesterday I got only 1 single chest. Today after it reset the same thing. I never ever respawns after an hour. So.
No weekly incubator.
“Treasure chests every hour. Capped at 20k”.
Only one chest with 400 when I’m literally standing on top of it.


… then there’s the fact that the graphic for today’s gold strike looked like a premium incubator 🤷

Got 5000. 2500 each yesterday and today.

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