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What's with all the pterosaurs?


Lately, it seems like I can’t get away from them.

Tried a scent, got pterosaurs (and diplos, of course).

Open an incubator, pterosaurs (nearly every 8 hour has Alanqa, others always have a rare in there).

Recent weekly events? Gotta have a pterosaur in there.

Daily event? A pterosaur!


Ludia is trying to convince us (or brainwash us) that flyers are the coolest thing since sliced bread.

And they are faliing miserably!


I like some of the flyers


Seems like this happens alot. Developers will have a brilliant idea on new monster Dino dragon creature etc. Build it test it at Max level. Like it and demand that we do to.

But in the real world getting it to Max is a chore and isn’t worth it to the vast majority. But they push and don’t know why we don’t like it.


I’ve always liked them simply because I find their real life counter parts fascinating. I’m of the mind that in order to make the pterosaurs more viable, Ludia should maximize their proficiency with swap ins by removing the binding penalty. Considering their low health and damage, I don’t see the change breaking the game.


Mmm I don’t know about that. You can’t have invincibility swapping in and out constantly. But up the damage a bit and it will be more viable.
Same as the Dracorex delema. The move it’s self is good but when you can spam it over and over it does become game breaking.


In lower arenas many people use pterosaurs though, it’s only not used a lot after 4000 trophies.


Alanqua was cool until his move went from 3 turn shield to two. It broke him.


It’s a fair point about the invinciblity, though it could promote a more strategic use of the pinning moves. Especially since Pinning Strike and Lockdown Strike apparently do exactly the same thing. Of course any Defence Shattering moves would negate the shield and you could always use stun to try and keep the pterosaurs in place.


Yeah there are plenty of counters when you put it like that. Although I don’t think I have anything with the pinning move. Which is great because I’m not really a fan anyway.


I made an 8-pterosaur team for kicks when playing around in the badlands. Not one of them is over level 13.

I was tickled to be matched with someone doing the same thing. It’s just a theme team, I can’t see using most of them with any seriousness.

It does lose enough to keep me in my arena, though! :wink:


I have 2 pterosaurs on my team: Alankylosaurus and Dimodactylus. Alanky a permanent fixture whereas Dimo is one of the “tweaking” dinos, one of several dinos I use to tweak my team to better fit situations (Dimodactylus for bleeding, Paramoloch for stunning and Monolometrodon for immunity to name a few).

The most effective strategy I’ve found for using Dimo is as a swap in sacrifice when tag teamed with Suchotator. The fact that Dimo has Lethal Wound, Pinning Strike and Swap In Wound was a combination I couldn’t ignore. Especially since Dimo is speed 126.

I’ve also been experimenting with Darwinopterus in the strike towers (speed of 129 and looks a vicious little bugger to boot). Swap in Wound, Cleanse then Swoop is effective, though unlikely to work well in the arenas.