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What's with the Inconsistent Updates!?

When Ludia first started updating four times a week, they would only update four characters, so we knew that those were the characters going to be updated each week.

But as of recently, Ludia has been updating more than four characters a week, making updates inconsistent, which I find annoying. Also, the other thing is that the vast majority of characters they update are males. Where’s the balance?

Ludia should focus on a few characters so that fans know which matches are returning every week.

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Who knows maybe soon one of the forgotten trio will return by that I mean Angel Jasmin Samantha and their counterparts

Don’t forget to add Clementine and Dahlia to that list, as they’ve been MIA for more than 6+ months, and that’s just the females! Based on what I’ve read on socials there’s a few males that are MIA!

Yeah they abandoned those plus William, Daniel, Sheng, Oliver, Tiros, Michael, Capt Muffin

I think they may be trying to complete more story lines but dangit!.. I’m still miffed about how short Cpt. Muffin’s story was. Muffin and Vile are the two I want to see come back the most. Followed by all of the strong female characters that have been seeming brushed aside.

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Does anyone else get the feeling that they read the surveys and this forum and proceed to just laugh about it?

I miss Cpt. Muffin too