What's with the Massive gem buy-in

Increase. 100 gems for 3 more attempts against super strong opponents. Last season I finished top 80, yet recently during a test of might I was slaughtered 6 matchups in a row, all different players. (No bots)

The fact that these events are severely unbalanced coupled with the recent and sizable increase in gem buy-in, leads to ONLY one conclusion…

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A.) That’s the standard cost for a ten-win Test of Might.

B.) It is too expensive, but they put a Book of Bravery in the prize pool for the Hidden Forge. Take advantage of it.


I would much rather they charged more gems instead of making us win 70 matches

Zar, you are right - I think they need a certain level of transparency on these events and okay give 3 free attempts, but beyond that - instead of charging a stupid number of gems per each set of 3 attempts, perhaps charge an increased number of gems to give unlimited attempts for the particular challenge.

That way at least people can happily choose to “buy in” to an event knowing that the gems they are spending will go towards a guaranteed reward at the end after putting in the appropriate amount of effort.

As it stands I never pay gems to access these type of events as I think it is a waste of valuable gem resources if you can easily get wiped out 3 turns in a row. Whereas I’d probably stump up some if I knew at the end I was going to get a Silverhand or a Legendary.

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As Jack said, there is a Book of Bravery in the Hidden Forge challenge now when rolling a 12. The gem counts haven’t changed on a Test of Might, it’s been 100 for at least half a year now. The “Halloween special” SH event had completely insane gem buy-ins (250 gems, and for some unknown reason Raika’s had a 500 gem rebuy but with 5 attempts). I got every one of them by getting that free Book of Bravery, which in total probably equated to close to 10,000 gems the number of times I had to rebuy.

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as others have said utilize grinding the books. Look at it this way, would you rather do 100 pvp matches to get 50 wins, or would you rather do a little grinding where you get gear and xp in order to get a book to get 15 total wins instead. For those of you that lose 50% of your matches imo this is a much better scenerio for you now than the previous system.

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After reading all those responses, it’s not surprising
why this gems($$) cost increase and for very little in return.

Great answers. Book 12, I’ll look into that.

I hope I never meet any of you in battle, with that lvl of combined knowledge, I feel so inept…

Great work, rarely seen genius.


If I am lucky, I have 2 hours a day to play. So, I shall spend one of those hours grinding for a book in a ( when not manipulated) 1 in 20 chance.

In the end, it doesn’t matter. My rate of gaining gear these days is negligible. After rewards were gutted, gold sales went the way of the dodo, and level caps were raised without compensating the level of rewards, I can play this game for the next five years and have no noticeable progress.

This game is now only for people who already have maxed out toons, so victories come cheap and quick, or for vip paying players who have 4 plus hours to play every day.

IMHO, this is a silly standard to have for a portable game I play on my phone.

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