What's with the nodosaurus spawn rate?


I’ve been looking all around my city for nodosaurus spawns for this week’s event but it seems that almost all the spawns are Ankylocodon. For around 35-40 spawns I’ve only found 5 that are nodosaurus. Is there a time where they are supposed to spawn or is the percentage just messed up ?


I’m not seeing a pattern happening that follows the zone charts here. Nodo just pops up whenever, wherever, regardless of what zone you’re in. She’s apparently a very shy one. Barely makes an appearance anymore.


It happened here too, i try to go around 3 parks to get some nodosaurus and i found that from 18 green poles that i’ve visited i found only 2 nodosaurus the others was ankylocodon

I think Ludia should improve this rate b/c this was unfair to the fair player (Cheaters have more advantage from your spawn rate) for ex, this Sat-Sun event for 5 epic dinos. Some Fair Players may travel to many parks visited many many green poles and didn’t even found the epic that they want, while chaters just sit down in front of their computer or mobile and use some kind of fake gps all around the world to get dna they want. AND THIS MAKE A LOT ADVANTAGES FOR CHEATERS


I’ve seen ONE this entire event ONE


Just saw a free one earlier today!


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Got like 3 direct hits on him too :dart: :smiling_imp:


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I wonder if the same will happen with Ankylosaurus this end of week…


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I’m struggling to find nodo too.
Finishing work late yesterday and today hasn’t helped. Was busy yesterday evening so only got out this evening.

About 2/3rd the park stops I couldn’t get close to as they’re locked up at dusk. Remaining ones several had been replaced with strike stops and all but 1 was Anky. :confounded:

Was really looking forward to getting some decent quantities of nodo dna.


Oh and to add to my misery its raining heavily so the rain drops interfered with my darting of that one


Yeah…pretty crazy ratio here as well. Then I lost 2/3 of my drops at my nearest park to strike events.


Find extra ones at garages all the time. Aren’t they also nocturnal? Maybe more will show up then.


I live in DC and it seems like half the city is greenspace. I was able to get my 12 nodos, BUT anky jr was by far more prevalent. I swear I had to visit 50+ event towers. One more interesting thing, after I got my 12, a gorgosucas (sp) spawned right at the event tower. Almost missed it. Another thing, I saw 3 nodos spawn right outside of greenspaces. I think Ludia messes with “wild” spawn rates of event dinos. Having the event dinos spawn near, but not at, event towers (even strike towers) has happened to me before.


They spawned everywhere at parks with more than one event drop near me. Los Angeles/Santa Monica area.


Managed to get all 12 but the ratio was definitely skewed against by about 3:1. My best hunt included 2 wild ones :slight_smile: Stegodeus up to L20 now and on the cusp of L21.