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What's wrong again with trophy system?


Someone in my alliance who has < 5,000 trophies also lost to a top 15 player yesterday :wink: who had 1,300 more trophies. I had an opponent with 900 more trophies (0-3 of course).

We each lost “only” 10 trophies (1 or none would have been fairer)… but are those appropriate matches?!


I think this is because of the fact that anyone in aviary can now be matched with anyone else in aviary , regardless of the differences in trophies etc… This was officially announced a few days ago .
Yet another brilliant idea from Ludia , but I shouldn’t really complain as there are a few on here today that seem to think we should all be more positive .

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In that case I prefer to just chill in Lockwood until some fixes are made. Still getting the same number of boost rewards anyway.


Wow. Lost to a player 830 trophies higher with high boosts. Was going to say maybe I should go to Lockwood but if that’s the matchup going forward, I’ll be there soon enough.


Happened to me today. Lost about 200 trophies even though Ive won more than lost. Whenever I lose I lose 50 trophies even though I had no chance against the guy. When I win, sometimes 3-2, I win 10, HOW? Its so frustrating.


1 day later, trophies still in freefall. Lost 50, gained 10, only won because my opponent was afk the whole match.

To those I will most likely be fighting in Lockwood if this keeps up, I’m sorry. I’m not intentionally dropping arenas. I’ve never dropped arenas on purpose.


I’m free falling too. I was at 5775 trophies and since yesterday, I’ve dropped about 350 trophies. Down to 5427. Ridiculous. I didnt win a single match today. Losing 45+ when I lose. Gain 10 when I win and they are not all easy wins. Im not happy.


So I finally won some battles today, and it was a 5 battle win streak. I received 10 Trophies for each win (something I’ve never seen before) netting a total of 50 Trophies. I was aggravated enough with only 10 per win but then I lost a battle, and recieved -50 Trophies for the loss. Can we get this game evened back out please?


You need to do things that will give you good luck. I am thinking Sacrifices. You should sacrifice your Tentontosaurus DNA to your teammates for luck.



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Doesn’t the loose streak feel a little generic, or rigged. Almost predetermined. Then it goes away and amazing you go on a win streak. I went on a 35-1 win streak yesterday. Gained a lot of trophies. Then today, it reversed. I lost 8 in a row, put the game down for a while and tried again. Went 6-1. Just played some battles now and went 1-5. It almost seems forced at this point.

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I am bothered by this problem very much. I always get 10 trophy when I defeat lower level players with boost team. But I lost 50 trophy when I was defeated by the same players. This system doesn’t encourage players to collect DNA to level up their team any more. This system encourage players to stay at lower level (28 or even lower) but do the most boost as possible. It’s very wired.


Really arena is broken. I lose 31 trophies and gain 10. Common Core does not work. Time to fix the win to lose trophy ratio because it really kills the incentive to even battle in arena.


The biggest problem I see with the trophy system currently is two parts. The trophy range is too close. Meaning what they use to determine the awarded or negated trophies seems to be determined in a 200-300 trophy count range. So anything above or below that gives or take 10 or 50. Inside this range we are able to gain or lose a different amount. The spread should be further apart. The other issue is of course the amount you can lose. I don’t know what could be fair. But maybe outside of a 800 or 1k range I could see losing 50. But inside that range it Should be less


Thought I was doing good earlier, had that feeling of optimism again. Played 4 and won 4, needed another for the mission and ended up losing all and a little more than I gained. Spinning wheels is wasting gas my uncle used to say. Still holding on to hope for better things to come.


I don’t have much faith in Ludia fixing this. Today more boosts got pilfered through an exploit so now even more overpowered deranged Dino’s are running amok. Then the trophy count is a joke. I battled someone that was 500 trophies above me and it was blood sweat and cussing. (Notice I didn’t say tears). Won’t cry over this game anymore. I won and got a whole whopping 10 trophies for my effort. Ludia, are you listening. FIX THE MESS.


The problem with the current trophy and matchmaking system is any boost is considered 1 point. So a 2k damage, 129 speed Diloracherius is as boosted as a 1.8k damage 135 speed Thora. Even though the Thora obviously wins that matchup. Then because you lost to an “inferior” opponent you get docked 50 trophies.

The actual top players are kicked down due to having to beat fellow top players instead of a mixture to keep them away from the normies. So the sudden and consistent meeting of lvl 28 to 30s by players with 4.6k trophies.

The other effect is players whose teams are boosted in a certain way end up higher on the table than they should be in a strength competition. So a 10 boosted team will never meet a 50 boosted team but will be higher on the ranking table because they are the best for the boosts they used. Also lower lvl fully boosted dinos are lower power than mildly boosted higher level dinos. Even though reality says otherwise.

Ludia should revert back to the old system


Just to report my trophy for today battles.
Battle No: 40, Win: 26, Lose:16.
Then my trophy drops from 5293 to 5095. My wining rate is 65%, but I lost almost 200 trophy!! It’s very frustrating.


I’m doing the same experience as described here in the thread. Please repair.