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Whats wrong with cloak?

So I have an indominus on my team and recently when I have been in the arena with indom and using cloak. I still take the same amount of damage even if I didn’t have cloak activated. Is it suppose to be like that? Also I don’t know if this has been happening to anyone else because there are times with cloak does work I take a hit of around 700 damage and another match with same creature same level and same move i take around 1200 damage and it wasn’t a crit or anything. So am I just crazy or is it suppose to be like this?

It rng your not guaranteed to dodge full damage. So that why sometimes you take only 700 and other times 1,200

Sometimes it dodges, sometimes it doesn’t. That’s just RNG for ya.

Personally, I think all Dodge mechanics should be updated so there’s always a 100% to dodge 67% or more damage.

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Yeah I agree because in most situations I have its like I essentially wasted a turn cloaking when it actually didnt do any help at all

Also, don’t forget precise moves like superiority strike!

I legitimately did not even know that until just now.

There is practically no difference between Resilient Strike and Superiority Strike :exploding_head:

The only difference is resilient strike removes cloak and dodge, while superiority strike just damages through it.

Yeah but depending on the stats of both creatures involved there may as well be no difference

yeah, its really dumb how indom beats cunnings better than it does resilient creatures. Come on ludia, you know the game is so messed up. FIX IT.


I know what you mean. Cloak has been working well for my erlidom lately but it used to feel like it was a 25% chance to dodge

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Mine is the opposite; I just started using Erlidominus and it can’t dodge to save its life.