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Whats your biggest regret?


mine is leveling up my ouran to lvl 18 because i wanted him on my team… now im in need of ouran dna to finish up dilocherious.


Spending too much money on this game :rofl:


meh if it it keeps you content…


It doesn’t because I realized it’s just a neverending chase. I could have invested money in a piece of Delvaux leather goods and resell it later :joy: Hindsight. :laughing:


thats boring though lol… we are talking dinos here


I like it when there’s an endgame, I don’t think there’s one with this game, my completionist dream may never come true :rofl:

  1. wasting so many coins during my noob player level stage on so many dinos that end up never in my top 8 team. Now im short of coins for my team.

  2. always stupidly accidentally activate evasive & dodge during match with a nullify dino…

  3. swap my “almost die” dino with quick calculation that i could win. but ending match its getting worst & wasted more damage & lose


its possible through events.


so true man so true


Swapping into @pocemon tryko :frowning:


rip, i think i saw that match on one of his vids lol maybe not


Leveling EVERYTHING up at the beginning. Even if it didn’t have a hybrid upgrade. I was going for the xp, but would love to have those coins back. I don’t need a level 10 Diplo…


yeah i figured id do it to level up and get better dart sessions.


Yikes… That doesn’t sound too fun…


Sticking my phone in my pocket today without shuting off my screen. Goodbye the last of my coins. Hello level 17 stygi. Those coins were for leveling my baryonix and few tryst fuses… and for leveling my utah to start fusing utahsino…its not even the dna i was worried i even considered leveling him to 17 just cause i have the dna… the coins will be missed tho


Moving in with my mother.


I sill do it :sweat_smile: I am lev 13 and I keep level up at least to 7 every dino (including the new birds) cause I can’t spend much time hunting so the more dna I can have from a single session is gold for me.
Hope VIP will be cheaper someday, then I will subscribe for sure, for the same reason.

I think I only regret for now for not having being able to pass my same iinterested in this game to my husband, so we can do (together) many fun hours of hunting! :heart:


I don’t think I have a regret really. Closest probably is even trying to play when the Arena for fun when it’s full of overly competitive players.


Spending money on this game when they can’t be bothered to fix it.


Playing Ludia’s Game and spend money on that game!