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What's your biggest temptation?

What’s the one thing that you want to do but have so far resisted because you know that at some point you’ll regret it?

For me it’s levelling up all my birds. I’m a big fan of real life pterosaurs and have always found them fascinating. Once they were added to the game I was ecstatic and went out of my way to complete all the Special Events and Strike Towers. At the moment I have the epics at level 15 and the rest at level 10. I’m also getting ready to start fusing the Legendary. :crossed_fingers:

I want to level them all up and experiment with them in battles as I’ve convinced myself that they can’t be that bad. But I’ve resisted the temptation because I know that sooner or later I’ll need the coins or that the birds will get hybrids and I’ll need the DNA. So for now they sit there in my lab screen taunting me. :unamused:

I am aware that I could just use them in friendly battles but the idea of winning trophies and beating the naysayers has a delightful underdog quality that as a Brit I find hard to resist. :joy:

So what’s yours?


Wishing I had infinite money and buy all the incubators


I have so much gryposuchus DNA that he’d be at level 18 where all my dink’s are 15 but I now I’ll regret waisting all that coin

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Nothing. I do what I want. :sunglasses:


I always wanted to level up Delta just to try but the coins are too big a price to pay just to experiment.

Just to start leveling dinosaurs even the ones that aren’t that great just because I want to advance up levels.

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Save a few at level 1 in case you want to tank at any point.

ive always wanted to level up my tany passed level 20.


My biggest temptation lately has been to go ahead and buy Jurassic World Evolution on Steam for $60, so i’ll have that when this game gets a bit too ridiculous.

Right now I’m actively working on levelling up my Nodopatotitan. Not sure why… :smile: other than I just like the dumb thing.

Sell my account

I bought it back in september when the deluxe edition… the five extra dinos edition really… was on sale at humble bundle for 45… ive heard the September patch fixed alot of issues… but i didnt play till after that patch. I like the game… far better value then an epic incubator…

what’s my biggest temptation?

leveling up everyone.

Yeah. After a couple false starts, I’ve already got 3 main paddocks, a hotel, and Isla Matanceros is raking in the cash! Almost at $400k per minute!

So I started the game ready to earn more incubators in the arena only to be notified about the Pterosauria incubator.

Gah! I’m so tempted by this one. :persevere: My head says no since it’s the equivalent of £30, but my love of pterosaurs is making it difficult to resist.

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Dont do it😂 atm they aren’t any where near competitive to warrant the cost

It’s more to do with the chance of getting some of the DNA that’s locked behind the arenas, Alanqa specifically.

Ahh i see. I got some out of a normal epic incubator last week!
If you do go for it,i hope you dont get any pteranodon😬
I have a 1000 dna for it and only ever darted one and that was a wild one😅

No doubt I will, however I actually use Pteranodon on occasions and have levelled it to 15. It can best be described as “situational” and it’s rather satisfying when it scores a win. :joy:


also, goth girls.