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What's Your Device And JWA Performance?

I already mentioned in update threads about this. Since 2.0 i noticed a monster drop in jwa performance. Added to this, i realized since the first age of the game, performance was almost always related to server, because some times of day I used to see it slow and some times very fast.

But since 2.0 that “slow” situation seems to be all day.

So I wonder you. What device are you using to play JWA? And how is game performance, good, bad? Specially between screens, like returning from drone or batte, changing tabs, entering and exiting dino in lab or sancuary, map navigation, etc.

Please tell an option and say your device. This could be good also for those who plan to buy a new smartphone and pretend to still be play this game.

And maybe to give Ludia an idea if it’s time for code optimization. :pray:

Thanks! :wink:

JWA Performance For Me
  • :smiley: Great performance: fluid and fast.
  • :slight_smile: Acceptable performance: could be better.
  • :frowning: Bad performance: slow response or long waiting times.
  • :angry: Almost unplayable

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PS: i tried JWA with 3 devices, all Samsung: Galaxy S7, Galaxy A71 and Galaxy Tab P205. Bad performance with all of them.

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iPhone SE, works super well, isn’t super bulky, and is just the right weight

I should point out that most of the devices you mentioned d are already a year or two old, so that can cause performance to fall

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Depends how much storage you have. My ipad mini 4 has 128 giga bytes and is 3 years old but still works perfectly.

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I’ve already posted this multiple times in other post but I jwa on both iOS and android and the difference on older devices is a huge.

The iOS version of Jwa is better optimized period.

Their is absolutely no reason for an older device that can run stuff like fortnite or war zone with no performance issues to have issues when running Jwa.

Just for some reference here The iPhone 5s is still a supported device for Jwa with their recent announcement. Meanwhile my galaxy s8 feels like I’m trying to play doom eternal on a ps3.

It’s a Ludia thing… this game isn’t that demanding but their android version runs worse. Particularly on older devices.

So if you looking at a new phone for jwa I would also second an iPhone the se is you prefer a smaller less expensive version. But even an older iPhone is gonna perform better then an older android.

The biggest trade off as far as jwa goes is that tap joy is significantly worse on iOS as you only get the paid offers and not the play this game offers.


I have a iPhone 5c, and the game is basically unplayable. It’s definitely due to the phone however, the 5c is now over 7 years old. I’m upgrading to a XR soon, so I hope that performance will improve dramatically.

iPhone 6+ here, my game runs semi smoothly, every now and then while darting it will go “uhhhh” and stutter. Also sometimes if I’ve had it on for a while it will slow down and I have to restart the game.
Seems to be about the same lag wise after 2.0 but that said I have noticed it likes to crash more :confused:

Forgot to mention that everything takes 3 minutes to load. Maps, battles, even just looking at my creatures takes three minutes of load time. At this point, they should just drop support for iPhone 5 all together.

The 5 and the 5c are dropping off the supported list in 2 days. The bottom supported iphone is the 5s which uses a different processor then the 5c and 5.

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Just 4 days ago, I upgraded my old Razer Phone to an Asus ROG Phone 3. I had the Razer for 2.5 years, and accidentally left it fast charging overnight many times. This slowly degraded the battery over time, to the point JWA took 20+ seconds to boot, and kept skipping tons of frames while driving (I was a passenger). With the new Asus phone, JWA loads in about 7-9 seconds, and doesn’t skip any frames while driving (or anywhere else). It’s an insane phone, and I plan on taking better care of it’s battery than the Razer’s.

Huawei mate 30pro, I’m probably the only person in the entire forum that plays this game on a phone that doesn’t come with Google mobile services pre installed (had to manually install them)
Game boots up fast enough, but darting is sometimes laggy, I’m assuming because the phone is not optimised for Google Maps.
Oh and AR doesn’t work at all

I run it on a Samsung Galaxy S10, and it seems to run fine? Or at least I thought. But my girlfriend runs it on an iPhone, and her darting is WAAAY faster than mine. Mine is still smooth, but my target moves much slower. I feel like my darting isn’t as sensitive or something? Why is this, and is there a way to fix this?

OnePlus 6T for my main. Runs perfect, no complaints.
OnePlus 3 for my little account. It’s a number of models back at this point so things are slower to load, but I can still do everything fine. Darting is very smooth, which is most important.

i was presuming this should happen to galaxy s7. a71 is newer, but mid-hardware device.

but what about that: should call of duty, mortal kombat or asphalt 9 be lighter than jwa? because all of them play well in galaxy s7 here.

i may try ios, but it’s not a so popular device here (very expensive in my country), so i don’t know anyone who have an iphone that i can install jwa for comparison.

i can only compare games for now… and i can play a lot of them well, while jwa seems too heavy. and most after 2.0 so it seems to be an android code optimization thing.

I’m on the Galaxy S9 and performance is ok but could be better. But since 2.0 certain loading times are painfully slow.

I’m probably upgrading to the Samsung S20 next month so maybe it will improve, maybe not.

I use a Galaxy S10 and the game works perfectly. The only slow moments I get are at the end of each battle round in the Arena when you have to wait several seconds for the attack icons to appear again.

I have a Samsung Galaxy A50.
Before 2.1 I could do about 1 dart session per minute, just enough for a giga scent to dart everything. Maybe even 50 seconds. Now since 2.1 it’s about 90 seconds. It seems to do absolutely nothing for 20+ seconds. Just a blue screen with a spinner. I really hope 2.2 fixes that.


There is literally nothing about jwa that should tax a device that can run a battleground style game with no issues.

Galaxy s7 can push out some fairly impressive vr experiences via the gear vr…Jwa should run fine.

I just feel like optimization is about equal to bug fixes in Ludias priorities.

In my experience on android it gets worse the longer the apps running which makes me think it’s a memory leak type issue.

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It used to be worse. I barely have to restart my app during the day now, I only notice it gets a bit laggy after many battles or raids.
It could all be a lot faster in general though. For one, devices that have enough memory (like mine with 4GB(!)) shouldn’t have to dump the map from memory, ever. It gets reloaded every single time, after darting, after battling, after the sanctuary or even just after viewing a creature.
It’s very easy to create an exception for devices with lots of memory to keep more in memory.

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On my iPhone 11 if I finish my arena early in the day I often have to force close my app the next day because the new strikes aren’t showing up cause my game has been running from the previous day still.

Really the one time the app “bugs” out on me is during match making cause sometimes the app just stops working.