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What's your dominant team?

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Initially, I misread your post… but I agree with you completely.
It SHOULD be fun from top to bottom.
Right now, it isn’t.
Especially right after reset.

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Let’s say there is nothing wrong with unlocking certain creatures, but creatures with high levels should be banned in low arenas, and this is what Ludia has achieved with the raids, making creatures that would take years to create easy now, the raids have been a bad idea of ​​Ludia, the game should go back to what it was before collecting DNA and merging to create the creatures, there are advantages that are given now, that when the older players started with this game they did not have them, now it is easier to build a team, and it seems to me that it is not fair for those who have been playing this game for years and have invested time and money, now all you have to do is play the raids and participate in the alliance tournaments and you get practically every possible creature in a couple of months.

but you also have to remember the bulk of the player base is below aviary. the more casual players. the top want more people to fight, but there isn’t enough players there that are anywhere close to their strength and skill. they were so hard core at the game they left the bulk of their competition behind. if they want those players to come up to their level to have better matching, those players either need to become as hard core as the top players or Ludia needs to step in and start jumpstarting the growth, which tho unfair to long time players, is the most effective solution at getting more players to that level quickly.


I have a 27 tenontorex, lvl 26 ceramagnus, lvl 25 ardentismaxima, lvl 25 erlidominus, lvl 24 smilonemys, lvl 24 monolorhino, lvl 24 magnapyritor and lvl 24 diorajasaur

Skoola… My friends are very helpful

my team updated.


I have a feeling the reason behind that is that people start playing, zoom through the lower arenas getting Legendaries and smol Uniques and stuff through events, championships and raids, then hit a brick wall around Aviary and lose interest. Speeding up progression alone wouldn’t necessarily make things better in that case, you need to make the arena more fun so people stick around long enough to actually reach the endgame, and even out the progression.


Team update plus my old league teams, prob too high levelled dinos but hey, at least no Thors or Monolos or Rats:

Depot and Shores
Had a bit of Lux DNA so level up

Lockwood Estate prob too high lvl dinos but no monolos, thors, or rats

Lockwood Library

And Aviary, the most annoying arena ever probably, I had a pretty high-level team, I think 'cause I faced lvl 21-22 teams but they had rats, monolos and thors so pretty much fine I guess.

But what happens if I click on it?

What do you mean?

mine is utarinex, indoraptor, tyrostronix, (new addition)the unique dear from the tournament in april , thordor, erlidominius, ardentis and tenontorex!

Gonna proof that you don’t need apexes to be strong


I finally remember my past teams, here they are:

Jurassic Ruins, I know this is a bit shocking, but my first unique was surprisingly Grypolyth, second, being Indoraptor, and another shocking thing, I didn’t start working on Thordor till I got to Lockwood Library! Now it sits at lvl 28 in my collection at Shores lol.

Sorna Marshes



S.S. Arcadia

Mt. Sibo

Fallen Kingdom

So, those were all my teams, I think they were a bit op towards Aviary and above, but around Sorna Marshes they were a bit average.

That is exactly how I feel it too…

Updated team:

Cera is 4 attack tiers away from being capped out at it’s current level (currently it’s at 10/13/0). Grypolyth is getting all the speed and health boosts, and once Cera’s done, Grypolyth will be getting the attack boosts as well.

After that, as much as I still think Monolorhino needs to lose some of its Resistances, I’m seriously considering adding it onto my team.

Because if you can’t beat them, and Ludia won’t do anything to change them, you might as well join them


Browser window. :wink:

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I’ll probably have to drop my beloved rixis after the uprdate


Ok so this is a short term experiment team I’m experimenting with to see a mix between weak, medium and strong creatures:

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