What's your favorite group of pterosaurs?(POLL)

  • Small (wounding)
  • Medium (counter attack)
  • Large (defensive)

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I dunno about you all, but I vote for this :
I think it certainly qualifies for Large (defensive)


Looks like you are a huge fan of Godzilla universe.:grin::grin::grin:

I am a huge fan of all non-human entities, but yes I rather like big lizards, and that’s why I play JWA.

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me too its cool actually to be a fan of these movies

Finally, another Monsterverse fan.

your a monsterverse fan too nice

I used to think superhero movies were the best until I met this :

(if anyone is offended, I’m sorry.)


not defensive, but really freaking offensive

Agreed, he needs a whole new creature class.