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Whats your favorite MOD?

I’ve been spending lots of DBs lately in order to get splinter.

Im having tons of fun with it :smiley: :smile:

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Question 1: what is DPs
Question 2: is it supposed to write DPS but not DPs

DB= DinoBucks it’s the resource that looks like dollar bills in the game.

I hate that mod. (When the AI has it.)

For me, it is ok.

I’m not sure I’d spend DB on it though.

The most useful one for me is Inspire and/or Terrify. It’s hard to lose a match with one of these. Two and you’re darn near invincible… particularly Terrify.

For best bang for buck though I’d go with Nullify. In tournaments, 2 Nullify with an Inspire and a Terrify was a pretty unbeatable combo.

Splinter is pretty popular if you have powerful enough creatures. Put it on a glass cannon paired with two commons to build up reserves and it can be pretty lethal. Thankfully the AI doesn’t usually use it as well as it could, but it is a tough one to combat.


My favourite mods are the common ones, because they are the cheapest. You just need like 8.4M coins for a mod battle.

I really like splinter either for this weekly mod events. I almost always use them.

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You’re using your high level mods on PvE?

I use whatever cheapest commons to get the job done. (With special use if the AI has a nasty mod.)

Work class advantage in PvE.

Yes, I currently use this high level mods on Pve, because it is just so easy to do this battles and you don’t have to think that much. And my bench is not that deep that I could do for example 3 or 2 Jurassic events in a row. And I don’t care about this 500 bucks a week because I am getting so many trough the trade harbour.

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Yes, I like splinter for PVE battles as well. It’s easier than having to deal with the other different types of dinosaurs and their different mods. I only use common for PVP mod battles.


Three Intimidation Mods or a Tough Skin with two Berserks work great for general purpose combinations of Common and/or Rare Mods. As an added bonus, the Berserks help to counter Terrifies.

My favorite mods:

Alpha and Invigorate on low level common dinos is always fun.

Inspire, terrify, splinter, toxin and armored hide are my favorites.

Clone and nullify have their place.

A toxin followed by two inspires or two regenerates are very powerful.

Stacking a 2-3 terrifies is fun.


I guess I would rather spend dino buck buying out long running dinos that are hatching.

Or, spend them activating the second evolution chamber. (I don’t really speed up the evolves.)

To each their own.

Just remember the best way to think of resources:
Coins: Buys building and decorations, and some PvEvents
Food: Levels up dinos
DNA: Buys New Dinos
DinoBucks: Buys “Time” (for anything), activates extra chambers, mods, some Events/PvP
JW LP: Buys VIP dinos, Building, Decorations

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Depends on how big of a dine you have to kill and the makeup of who you attack. But predation, toxin, terrify, inspire, regenerate, nullify, steal, clone, and siphoning bite are all useful.

I don’t think I have ever used splinter. I should mess with it I guess.

Stack toxin, terrify and regenerate on a big first dino and your really hard to kill.

DinoBucks is my favourite

Not to be a downer here, but the best MOD is no MOD in my park.

Nothing against the MODs themselves regarding how they function (Ludia’s actually done a great job with balancing them out), but I am unwilling to allow my Trade Harbor to be rendered inept due to MODs.

But, even though I don’t stockpile Mods I do still enjoy some MOD battles here and there… Everyday I purchase three of them for the daily missions and then spend them instantly to clear them out.

Regarding functionality- I would have to say that my favorite MOD is actually the Survival MOD where you can get absolutely blasted and still survive.

The only downside with this Legendary MOD is when you have to face an AI using it… But still, this one is really just an awesome, game changer idea. And although I’ve only had an opportunity to use it a couple of times (I’ve had to face it many more times than I’ve used it), I‘m compelled to say that it’s the best one in my opinion.


bru you should check out the splinter, i dont think it matters if your opponent’s dinos has the highest HP on the field.

after stacking up turns, your 2nd dino can easily kill your opponent’s 1st dino while at the same time putting their 2nd and 3rd dinos into half HP or even kill them. rofl

I really like this one too, but I was bummed when I used it last and the AI had bleed. I survived just to get killed off after the bleed mod took affect.

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My only issue with Splinter is you have to be on top of the attack multipliers and make sure doing some quick math that you have enough to take all the opponents out. Otherwise, you can be left with no defense and that’s not a good place to be. I’m not bad at math in general, but I am lazy when it comes to having to put myself in a spot where I have to use it. :slight_smile:

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indeed, thats what hooked me up into this game in the 1st place. the quick thinking and the thrill of not knowing where your opponent put his remaining points whether it be on shield / turns. so what if he put it either on shield / turns would i survive his next move in case he chose to attack. that kind of thoughts overdrive my brains. :smiley: and im lovin it

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LOL, oh I definitely do most of the time as well. But I do have a very mentally taxing job as a programmer (and my company often gives me the hardest jobs… my most recent success was a company that had failed to get some very difficult code working with their internal team, then with two other contractors, so came to us.) So a lot of times, I just want what I do in my time off to be easy!