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What's your favourite creature

My favourite Carnivores
1 Carnotaurus

2 Gorgosaurus

3 Giganotosaurus

4 Tyrannosaurus
5 Cryolophosaurus
6 Concavenator
7 Monolophosaurus
8 Carcharodontosaurus
9 Echo (Velociraptor)
10 Rajasaurus & Rugops
11 Lythronax
12 Ostafrikasaurus
13 Dilophosaurus
14 Majungasaurus
15 Spinosaurus
16 Acrocanthosaurus
17 Torvosaurus
18 Tarbosaurus
19 Albertosaurus
20 Ceratosaurus
21 Suchomimus

My favourite Amphibians
1 Postosuchus

2 Prionosuchus

3 Kaprosuchus
4 Koolasuchus
5 Limnoscelis
6 Prestosuchus
7 Sarcosuchus
8 Acanthostega

My favourite Pterosaurs
1 Zhejiangopterus

2 Tropeognathus

3 Alanqa
4 Pteranodon
5 Dimorphodon
6 Quetzalcoatlus

My favourite Herbivors
1 Brachiosaurus , but he’s not in this game :cry::sob:
2 Shunosaurus

3 Erlikosaurus

4 Therizinosaurus
5 Stegosaurus
6 Stygimoloch
7 Binitasaura
8 Triceratops

My favourite hybrids
1 Cerazinosaurus

2 Indominus Rex

3 Metrialong
4 Rajastega
5 Yudon
6 Erliphosaurus
7 Carnoraptor
8 Suprannotitan
9 Alangasaurus
10 Gorgosuchus
… too much more

Super Hybrids
1 Diplosuchus

2 Indoraptor
3 Spinotasuchus
4 Monostegotops

My favourite Aquatics
1 Kaiwhekea
2 Helicorpion

3 Megalodon
4 Mosasaurus
5 Edestus
6 Leptocleidus
7 Dolichorynchops
8 Trinacromerum
9 Tylosaurus
10 Pliosaurus

Aquatic Hybrids
1 Leptostega

2 Megarchelon
3 Dunkleosaurus
4 Xinathodon & Dakoderma

My favourite Cenozoics
1 Megistoterium

2 Titanoboa
3 Smilodon
4 Andrewsarchus
5 Phurosracus
6 Mamouth
7 Gastornis
8 Megatherium

Cenozoic Hybrids
1 Megistocurus
2 Smithetoceras
3 Mamotherium & Indricoceros

Who is (are) your favourite creature(s)??? Let me know :wink:


My favorite dinosaurs that are in the game.
7.Therizinosaurus (i’ve got to ask, how is it that the animal with the longest claws ever, is a health tank? The thing should have the highest attack ever)
4.Concavenator (please game, give me one)
1.T.Rex and Yutyrannus (please game, give me one already!)
Cryolophosaurus, Saurophaganax and Carcharodontosaurus are also in my top 10, but are currently not in the game.
My favorite pterosaur is Quetzalcoatlus.
My favorite hybrid is Diplosuchus (also my favorite amphibian). He’s done some serious work for me.


Cryolophosaurus is also my top ten! But not in this game :confused:
I feel bad for you that you don’t have Yutyrannus and Concavenator, because I have both on level 20 (Conci is my 3rd strongest creature after Indominus Lvl.20 and Gorgosaurus Lvl.40)
I got both Concavenators in the trade harbour,so if you have 11000 Loyolaty Points or 15000 DNA , then you can try to get him with the Custom trades (VIP Points》Jurassic or DNA 》Jurassic :wink:
Good luck

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Diplosuchus is definitely my favourite.


Coelophysis is my favourite. But…it’s not in the game. It would make me really happy if someone would put it in. Not hinting towards anything here. :grin:


My childhood favorites will always hold a special, nostalgic place in my heart:

  1. Tyrannosaurus Rex
  2. Velociraptor (Really Utahraptor but not, because of Jurassic Park)
  3. Triceratops
  4. Brontosaurus/Brachiosaurus (Not in game)
  5. Pteranodon
  6. Iguanodon (Not in game)
  7. Stegosaurus
  8. Ankylosaurus
  9. Pachycephalosaurus
  10. Dilophosaurus
  11. Procompsognathus (Not in game)
  12. Spinosaurus

I really like all of the Super Hybrids, but recognizing they aren’t real creatures I’ll rank order them in a class of their own:

  1. Indoraptor
  2. Diplosuchus
  3. Monostegotops
  4. Spinotasuchus

My favorite Hybrids are:

  1. Indominus Rex
  2. Megarchelon
  3. Mammotherium
  4. Stegoceratops

My favorite Aquatics are:

1a) Megalodon
1b) Mosasaurus
3) Archelon
4) Plesiosauria (All of them, I guess… The longer the neck, the better)
5) Ammonite
6) Henodus
7) Edestus
8) Giant Orthocone
9) Bananogmus
10) Xiphactnus
11) Helicoprion

My favorite Cenozoics are:

  1. Titanoboa
  2. Wooly Mammoth
  3. Sabertooth Tiger (Smilodon is close enough)
  4. Indricotherium
  5. Megaloceros
  6. Kelenken
  7. Andrewsarchus
  8. Gigantopithecus (Not in game)
  9. Mastodon
  10. Gigantophis
  11. Brontotherium

I’m not too hung up on favorites though… I really like the variety this game has and continues to offer. I would like to see Iguanodon and Brachiosaurus come to this game, but I’m happy with what we have so far.


My favorite is Indoraptor ! he is a big beautiful strongest land creature ever walked to earth! Through i love Trikes too but sad is they are too underrated in the game they could even beat a T-Rex in real life

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My favorite real dinosaur is Troodon, and I really like the design of the Labyrinthosaurus, which is really similar to Jurassic World Alive’s Ardontosaurus.

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My real favourite was always the triceratops - which made it awesome when it was the first dinosaur in the game, although after a month or two it became apparent this was a curse not a blessing :frowning: That’s one real positive about the mods, with Clone I can finally use my triceratops for something useful!


In the game:

This little guy is cute:

Love the colours on this one as it evolves:

This one is just perfect:

Love how this one looks:

My real name is Andrew sooo I REALLY wanted this one:

This one is kind of special to me. I wanted it for a long time. I unlocked it when my grandmother was admitted to the hospital. It hatched on the day she passed away.

In real life I’ve always liked:

And of course…Trexy!!!