What's your favourite uncommon dino?


As the title says, this is thread to give a shout-out to one of your favourite dinos that you rarely see other people using, but might be commonly available!

I’m gonna give props to my Tarbosaurus, who can crunch through the best of 'em, outpaces other theropods, and crits better than any Allosaurus. And I’ve only ever fought another one ONCE! I can hardly believe it.

:beers: Tarby!


YES! Finally some love for tarbosaurus!! I am currently on arena 6 and sadly I had to replace her for the T-Rex. She has less speed and Crit but her ability to break shields is just too necessary. But back when I was using mostly commons, tarbosaurus was always my favorite and I couldn’t understand why people always used allosaurus instead! That 40% Crit… just sexy, and just a tiny little bit less dmg and health than allosaurus

My faves would be tarbosaurus, nundasuchus and velociraptor. And for tanking I used to prefer stegosaurus than euoplocephalus… She could take a punch, reduce speed and do some decent damage <3 ahhhh tbh I miss the common vs common battles


I guess you mean COMMON dino! :wink:
At the moment in my view, the strongest common creatures are Apatosaurus and Velo. Both need to be nerfed a bit as they have a win rate way more than average.


Would probably have to be the stegosaurus, although I used the Tarbosaurus forever, until I got the T-rex as well