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What's Your Lineup?

Right now all i am really doing is building a MASSIVE army of Alangasauruses. and trying to get more Lvl 20 SR Jurassics. Also, I don’t have any pictures right now, but I will try to get a picture of my current lineup at a later date.

You and me both!

I’ll do the picture for you:

Alangasaurus and Labyrinthasaurus were my first 2 paddocks that I maxed.

But, my lineup consists of all Level 10 VIPs and a some Lv30 and below legendaries/tournaments.


Thank you @Nestea!

Lvl 21-30 Alangasaurus has always been my favorite creature design.

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Also Alangasaurus Lvl 21, with 8 action points, can do 4,800 damage.

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Alangasaurus can sure do some damage, given the right situations. It has helped me make it through some tough matches.


I concur, good sir.

Love Alangasaurus. I get sentimental about him because he was my first hybrid. It would be nice if Ludia might make a s-hybrid with him at some point.


As of right now I ONLY have Alangasaurus. Nervous laugh

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I like alangasaures to it is awsome and it was my first hybrid

I think it should not be a commen hybrid it should be legendary

I use it to battle salamender 16

How does that fare for you, with the fifty% debuff?

The alangasures is made of one of my favorite dinosaurs the alanqa
theis brid really cool

The one thing that I DISLIKE about Alangasaurus is the simple fact that it is the weakest of the Common Hybrids. :frowning:

Yeah it should be the strongest commen hybrid

I was running lo on DNA so I had to sell them

NOOOooooooo… Why?

i didnt want to i just had a feeling to do it i am sorry but i still have 4 of them

i was lo on recoures i will get them all back thorngth