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What's Your Lineup?

Oh good.
Ten characters.

@AlangasaurusIsAwesom i can get them back right away

Oh good.
Ten characters.

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i have a challenge for you @AlangasaurusIsAwesom

The damage multiplier M (damage dealt = M * BaseDamage * VulnFactor) for N attack points going through is
N = 1; M = 1
N = 2; M = 2,4
N = 3; M = 4,2
N = 4; M = 6,4
N = 5; M = 9
N = 6; M = 12
N = 7; M = 15,4
N = 8; M = 20

VulnFactor is either 1, 0,5 or 1,5 depending of whether or not you are strong/weak against your opponent.

Ok, what’s your challenge?


He’s been banned twice for being underage

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How would you rate and improve my lineup?

Where are your super hybrids? Level 9 Tapejalocephalus and Monostegotops would be around your best 3 I think. If I were you I would also make some maxed Carnoraptors. And go on getting loyality points to get more level 20 Vip’s. How many month have you played this game for?

You see, I used to play this game 2 years ago actively but stopped due to major examinations. I only recently decided to play again when quarantine started so I don’t have much s-DNA. I’m about 400 s-DNA to getting a Diplosuchus. Also, I don’t even have both Tapejalosaurus or Stegoceratops yet, the latter I’m still in the process of fusing my Stegosauruses. I don’t have the disposable income to purchase VIP but I have fused most of my level 10s to level 20 except Apatosaurus due to its high health. Therefore, I think my next course of action would be to get a level 40 Stegoceratops and create Monostegotops.

Yeah, makes sense to fuse my level 30 Carnoraptors

The maxed Carnoraptors will end right behind the Indominus Rex lv 20. It is a good idea to focus on S-Hybrids now.

How? Right now there is no Code-19 to get Sarcosuchus DNA, as Diplosuchus is the closest s-hybrid I can get as of now.

If you have enough coins you should do very many modded pvp’s. There you get really huge amounts of S-DNA.

Thank you, @Andy_wan_kenobi for letting me know!