What's your most common common dinosaur?


Since update 1.3 I’m most grateful for the change to the spawns in my location so no more sarky crocks and endless Gen 2 Ankylosaurs (but it’s great that they’ve got hybrids too now). Spawns change from update to update however I’m very happy with my most common spawn being the mighty Lythronax as I was finding it tricky to find them before. Happy days!

What is your most common common dinosaur?
Is it something you’re pleased with or are you a bit unhappy with your place in the spawn zone?

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It used to be deinocherus and I LOVED it. Mine’s at level 17 and I still have 11+k DNA banked. But they’re much less common after the update and I’m gutted, cause I miss my feathery baby.

Post-update, there’s millions of diplocaulus, apatosaurus, and iguanodon. I’m excited about these last two especially, since it was nearly impossible for me to get them before.


Used to be Sarcosuchus, Stegosaurus and Nundasuchus.

Now it’s Triceratops Gen 2, Stegosaurus and Diplocaulus Gen 2. I admit, I preferred the spawns before the update, because the Nundas made it easier for me to level up my Einiasuchus.


Before update: pink trike cousin and, as you put it, “sarky crocks”. REALLY wish I farmed more DNA for these two as I was just starting to level the former’s hybrid and her other component was the 3rd most common common here, as well, dropping to “lmao bye” status with the update (at least it was yesterday’s event spawn…not that it helped much).

After update: Stegosaurus and Apatosaurus. Ugh…Stego was already super common but at least Apatosaurus was lacking so I got caught up on those. I just hate these super long dinos because of being so big that targeting reticle problems come up, being off-screen constantly due to head-to-end-of-tail shenanigans.

Notable observations: Allosaurus SLIGHTLY more common and it was hit or miss and I get every single one I can already due to my team always fielding it (my go-to). Tarbosaurus is virtually nowhere and while I grab when able to, I’m not particularly concerned.

Outside of that, rares and epics being more prevalent in general is my favourite change overall. I feel like there are no “wasteful” trips.


Used to be Einiosarus, Nundosuchus and Velociraptor. Now it’s still raptors, but instead I have stegosaurus (dozens around my work) and apatosaurus.


Right now the 2 most useless iguanodon and diplocaulus


I usually got into lots of diplocaulus and nundasuchus, but it got worse because now I get dilophosaurus GEN 2 all the time


Before the update, I was tripping over velociraptor. Now it’s lythronax all over the place day & night & despite the kind words about it I just can’t justify putting resources into one based on her attributes.


Previously: Einiasaurus, Sarcosuchus, Tarbosaurus, Euplocephalus.

Currently: Apatasaurus, Stegosaurus, Apatasaurus, Deinochierus, Apatasaurus, Apatasaurus, and some scattered Apatasaurus.


I think I have your Deinocheirus over here…


:sob: send my baby home! XD


in manhatten is see alot of diplos


Velociraptor and Nundasuchus. I ran away from them, but they chase me, well, they used to, now i dont see anything since the empty map bug :sweat:


A while ago I was in Tokyo and it was velociraptor, that was super nice! At the moment it seems to be apatosaurus (I’m in a city in the west coast of Finland) and that’s cool too :+1:


For what it’s worth, I’ve noticed there’s a lot more variation in spawns tied to timing.
It’s not just a day/night cycle; dawn and dusk also generate different spawns from either day or night.

I get more raptors in the early morning and evenings, not so much during the day or after dark.


. Stegosaurus
. Einiosaurus
. Nundasuchus
. Sarcosuchus
. Tarbosaurus
. Velociraptor
. Euoplocephalus
. Allosaurus (sometimes)

. Stegosaurus
. Deinocheirus
. Gen 2 Dilophosaurus
. Sarcosuchus
. Velociraptor
. Apatosaurus
. Gen 2 Dracorex (sometimes)
. Gen 2 Ankylosaurus (occasionally)


The common Dino changes weekly it seems, one week it was the Einiosaurus and i refused to touch it after 2 days because i didn’t realize it would change and i was tired if seeing them, this week’s is the Apatosaurus. I suppose the most common might be Suchomimus, i see a lot of those, the most common in arena is the Velociraptor hands down though.


Before the update: Einiosaurus, Nundasuchus, Stegosaurus, and Sarcosuchus

After the update: Deinocheirus, Apatosaurus, Sarcosuchus

I’m super glad that I got my Einiasuchus to a reasonable level before the update…otherwise I’d really have to hunt for those Einios and Nundas!


Lythronax is my favourite common local spawn usually at dusk/night/dawn. Got her up to L16 as an essential member of my team for surprise revenge-killing and munching through low hitting tanks while hiding behind a long 50‰ shield. Shes even munched the face off T-Rexes. I couldn’t recommend investing in this 'saur more if you have them in your zone.


Dont waste more coins on it plz, get it max lvl15 for possible future hybrids and save his dna