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What's your motivation?


Because I’m trying to rekindle my own.

Long time player (also had a dedicated Instagram and Facebook page such was my love for this game!!) but stopped a while back - I was maxed out at Level 75 so no point in doing missions as the XP was wasted. I didn’t care for the then recently added Raptor training, I still don’t, but my old phone couldn’t keep up with the game so it forced me to stop!

I’m now back on the game but sadly there’s still a level 75 cap, really surprised at that, so I still don’t bother with the missions.

Coins and food are still easy, DNA and bucks are still hard to come by so it seems it’s still a grind to save up DNA to create hybrids, try and win tournaments.

I get trading, I get the lottery-type thing which i like, recently got my first Cenozoic era so it’s now juggling 3 different types (dino, ceno, water) with regards to DNA and evolving. Still no clue about SDNA but I also no longer have enough top level dinosaurs to win the daily packs in one go, hence the grind.

Is that accurate? What makes you keep coming back for more?


well, i just play bc i don’t want to think all the time in my pathetic life hahaha

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I like the challenge of figuring out the game and “finishing” it. I know there is no end point to the game but there are stages and accomplishments that can be gathered and completed.

For instance here are the last creatures for me to unlock:

Now the first two I don’t think are offered to be unlocked and will probably never be offered, but the rest I am hoping I will get a chance at some point to do so.

Then there is the leveling of the creatures. Eventually I want to get a level 40 of each creature, I am a long way off of this for the Tournament hybrids based on what these higher creatures seem to do to your PVE match ups, but eventually I will get them there.

I have completed all of the missions, expanded the park to max capacity, and optimized my layout of all of my spaces. I am hoping they raise the level cap at some point in the future and/or add more missions, but not holding my breath for this.

The game gives me enjoyment so I continue, when it stops being enjoyable that’s when I will stop or take a break like you have done.


I just like dinosaurs.

I like dinosaurs, so I like collecting as many as I can. I also enjoy seeing them evolve and the new skin tones and such.

The combat arena is pretty fun, so I enjoy playing that.

I used to enjoy doing the PvE missions and such, but then the dreaded impossible-to-beat PvE opponents started.

Long & short, I guess I enjoy building a zoo. :slight_smile:


I’m a mix of @Sionsith and @HanSoloWannaBe

I am a huge JP/JW fan, always have been, and I enjoy the dinos, as well as this being probably thee most advanced JW game out there. There was a PC game released about a year ago, but that game is too linear. With this game you can move at your own pace.

For the most part the battles relax me, or at the very least, replace coffee in the morning, because that’s when I do the grinding.

However my goal is to collect every dino, maybe not take them to level 40, but so far I have only a few tourney dinos to collect. The tournament hybrids and indoraptor I’ll never own, since the late/end game is absolutely horrendous, but I like my paddock of dinos, I really enjoy the Ostaposaurus, and despite it being a mobile game, it gives me a reason to try at life each and every day.

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That’s why it is so sad that one has to put a large amount of dinos in the repository, 33 on my side at the moment. From time to time I enjoy just taking a look at the dinos which Ludia designed really great. Because of that I absolutely don’t understand why they do not adjust the game so that one can watch and use ALL dinos, which means I demand the opportunity to put them all in the park.
A lot of them is locked away and out of sight. Or does anyone switch dinos from the repository to the park and back on a regular basis, just to take a look at them?

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