What's your motivation?

To be fair I had you (and others) to learn from.





Lol, yeah tell me about it, @NatoPMT … I thought I’d get used to it, that maybe having other higher level creatures would make those ultra long cool downs more bearable. But nah, it’s as bad as it looks every time I see that cool down timer, haha. It’s even better when you fight them in a losing battle! :stuck_out_tongue:


Sort of, @KenO, but remember you can still hatch anything you want under those conditions… Just don’t feed those SDNAs and hybrids to a level beyond your other highest level creatures.

I’m a hyper-completionist/collector too so I NEED to have everything maxed. My top non-VIP is a level 40 Pelecanipteryx, so I still have a long way to go. I guess I’ll figure it out when I get there. Maybe I could make a level 40 Indoraptor but then sell it and replace it with a level 40 one because I could always look at the 40 design.

If you can hatch the Indoraptor I would do it as a DNA bank, since they bring loads of DNA when you sell them. This is of course only if they are going to throw off your PvE match ups.

Sdna dinos are still in the distant future for me. I’m at a point where level 40ish legendaries, 20-30 rare and super rare hybrids, and sub 20 tournament grade and vips are my main event force. Deep enough to complete just about any array of events thrown at me with out cool downs being a issue and in a single session if I choose. Not so good for tournaments. Lower half of predator is my normal finishing position. When the time comes I should have about 12 land dinos I can make into legendary hybrids or level up to get me to the next level in tournaments while still keeping events playable without cool down concerns.

Slow and steady.

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I have a big pile of level 10 VIPs that I use for tournaments, but I need to use a lot of dino bucks to speed up their cooldowns. My main team is Tanycolagreus, Baryonyx, and Concavenator.

My main team for tournaments consists of VIPs too, however most of them have lvl 40. In my first two years I bought a 20k VIP pack as soon I was able to and I evolved those VIPs always.
That way I managed to have now 3 Pterodactylus, 1 Concavenator, 1 Eolambia, 4 Tanycolagreus, 3 Prestosuchus, 2 Mastodonsaurus, 1 Eudimorphodon and 3 Apatosaurus, all at lvl 40. They are more than sufficient to complete tournaments in dominator league, for events I mainly use hybrids of lvl 20 to 30 that are stronger as those lvl 40 VIPs.
In the last months I started to save on the 50k pack from time to time to collect some of the dinos that are not available in the standard 20k packs. They do not contribute to the strength of my team but what should I say, I want them.

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