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What's Your Tournament Team 6-26 to 6-29

This was my team for this weekend. I left Yoshi on the bench and did well minus the 1st couple battles. I think it takes a couple battles to get you put into the right pecking order.

Megalogaia did OK against the Procerats.
I got to use Entelochos revenge successfully.
Majudaboa was a good switch in to counter attack and take out my opponent dino for a take down and win.
Gorgosuchus was a recent critter I moved to level 20 and also useful in a couple battles.

I started at 700 trophy’s and ended at 745 so I at least made my 10 take downs in the positive.

Using this team. For now anyway. Likeing megalogaia so far. I may switch it up tommorrow to see what fun I can have.

30 Dimo, 27 Rixis, 25 Procerath, 23 Eddie, 21 Purrolyth, 20 Stegocera, Suchotator, Majboa

My weak team

Unboosted: 20 purrolyth, 21 diplotator, 22 purutaurus, 23 thylacotator, 24 suchotator, 24 amargoceph, 26 gorgosuchus
And my level 27 boosted sarcorixis with around 5000 hp, 1600 attack, and 124 speed

would hate to come across your monster of a rixis.

Just swept a team with him

Did you notice additional alliance points in your team after completing this tournament? This is just the fourth tournament and we have members in our alliance have 18K and above points. Is this a bug?

probably an unintended boost from Ludia resetting the tournament so many times. it counted stuff more than once. i definitely have more than 1 entry worth of points and takedowns. i’ll take the AP tho. help my alliance reach rank 4, possibly 5 at the end.

That’s probably it. Thanks.