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What's your ultimate Grypolyth?

With those Diorajasaur, Hadros Lux and Ceramagnus running around, it’s very handy to have a Grypolyth in the team. Before 2.4, 20 Health + 10 Damage seems to be a good choice. Now (2.5) I’m on the borderline between 20/10/0 and 15/15/0. Any suggestions? I’d also be curious about your opinion if you put boosts in Speed.

Definitely adding grypolyth to the team after the next boost shuffle (barring major changes in the next update), and I’m also thinking about this. From what I’ve seen, most people aren’t adding any more than a couple speed. I’m seeing 20/10/0 and 15/15/0 being used successfully. 17/13 would give you 7274 health and still 2013 attack, so might be a nice “middle ground.”

15/15/0: 7019/2089/106
20/10/0: 7657/1899/106
17/13/0: 7274/2013/106

I guess just figure out how big of a hit you need to take and how much you’d like to heal, and go from there. I wouldn’t waste much, if anything, on speed. With a base stat of 106 you’re not gonna get faster than much anyway. I could see maybe two speed to outspeed dio and get the shield up before it can attack, but trying to outspeed base magnus (114) or whatever is just a waste.

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Number tells :star_struck:
Each damage boost gives 38 * 1.5 * 1.5 = 85.5 ferocious healing.
Each health boost gives 127 hit points.
It seems health has better ROI.