Whcih of the 3 uniques hybrids are useful and which not?

just asking to see if i might use one of them in my team
PLS tell me

which OF the 3 new ones i assume.

definitely phorurex and indotaurus; andrewtops is really squishy man so i dont see it being used much

Of the NEW three hybrid uniques, I know Indotaurus is useful when used at the right time. Of the 8 battles I played so far, I only had Phorurus picked once so I haven’t used it enough to give a yea or nay. Andrewtops which I get picked often is so-so average, nothing special.

Today I had the exact same creatures in the exact same order 2 battles in a row. I want to try out Phorurus a few times or so but I’m just not getting that one picked.

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