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When 4 Takedowns Only Counts As 3

I’m not sure if this counts as a glitch, but if you’re playing PvP, and Titanoboa makes the 3rd takedown using On Escape Rampage, and then takes down a 4th with its follow up attack, you only get 3 takedowns as far as your Daily Incubator count is concerned.

Is this supposed to be the case, or should you get 4?

That’s supposed to be the case. The battle only counts up to three takedowns and ends once that number is reached, irrespective of the length of the final move animation and it’s effect.

So you getting a 4th takedown was probably a glitch or error of some kind since the fight should have ended once the other creature was swapped in.


Yes, that should be the case. The max amount of takedowns that are counted in a battle is 3, so even if you manage to kill the fourth creature, there will only be first 3 counted. That’s why you only see 3 medal spots in a battle and you don’t get a medal when you finish the fourth creature.