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When Alliance Missions start again


Not sure if this has already been answered but… When the alliance missions come back on, are we going to start from the rank we were on, or will we all have to start back on rank 1 again?


It’s been asked and answered multiple times a day. Short answer, when they are fixed.

Regardless when they are fixed (they might have fixed them already), it makes no sense to enable them mid-week, so when they are enabled it will be a Monday. Next Monday, in two weeks, in a month… Nobody knows.


Please help me I can’t get on to my missions!



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There is no alliance mission right now. Ludia will sure let us know when it’s available again


There does not appear to be an official answer but I think Giardinoni is right. It would make sense to restart them on a Monday and I suspect they will just start over. Now what Monday, who knows. Hopefully sooner, rather than later.

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Very frustrating, these bugs should have been ironed out before release


It seems that there were only the coin bug on level3.
But it looks like they have fixed it in the middle of week 1.

I’m confused why this feature is already disabled :frowning:


I expect them to give us all Sino DNA as compensation. We lost a whole week and I bet when they come back announcing other inc dinos it‘ll be when Sino‘s gone.



This was designed to start from a Monday so If they dont start today, then it will be a long week till next Monday.

I don’t see what the big deal is though, its not like its new content or anything. Dart dinos and spin drops or deal with horrible RNG in the arena for a couple of incubators, this isn’t new content, imo.


If the Missions don’t going back live today it would be very sad.
I liked them so much, and a lot in the Alliance asked about them :frowning:

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