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When and ideas

When are we getting a new
Super hybrid
Cenozoic creature
Aquatic hybrid
Cenozoic hybrid
And when are we getting
Aquatic super hybrids
Cenozoic hybrids
VIP hybrids
Super mega hybrids(Super hybrids and some more dna)
Indoraptor gen 2
More gen 2
Any thing it don’t have to be iconic creatures just more
Aquatic gen 2
Cenozoic gen 2

More islands
More buildings
More decoration
More hatchery
More creation lab
More food production
All this on different islands

And can we have new stuff
Like going into the volcano and maybe have a different battle
And on isla sorna have special stuff like go into the run way and do some missions and that’s where you can unlock spinosaurus is gen 2 GI into aviary and when you first enter you can choose which common flyer you want to unlock and a list of missions will appear and when you complete it you unlock the gen 2 than move on to others than move up the ranks to maybe VIP

This is not a complain post it’s suggestion
I fell like this will make the game more interesting

Actually I was thinking about new buildings and a couple of decorations, just by Reading the name you can imagine how would they look like

Pizza Cavern
Photo Booth
The Haunted Paddock
Bumping Boats Lake
Laser/Paintball Tag
Concert Stage

Bamboo Forest
Holographic map
LED light decoration
Giant Flower


And of course more gen 2 creatures such as TRICERATOPS GEN 2 or STEGOSAURUS GEN 2

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I like the new decoration and building suggestions, but no need for a second biosphere IMO.

Before all this, I need people visiting my park.
All the current buildings of mine, are already haunted.


Yeah I’ve always wished for this… Since 2015 when the game first released, but over the years I’ve resigned to understand that they’ll never do it.

I definitely agree about new buildings and decorations. In fact, Ludia gave new buildings to VIP (they are masterpieces) and continue to give them new decoration packs. But what about the others Ludia?

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