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When are the 1.15 patch notes

Our first teaser of a “summer update” was over a month ago. And so far I think only 7 families have been revealed. A lot of people are dying for an update after the last one was so tiny so… are they coming tomorrow or so we have to wait another week

Hopefully tomorrow
Realistically July

Granted if they’ve been teasing this for a month they must be close if not finished, maybe they are actually play testing

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It doesn’t make sense to do an update supposedly this massive in the middle of a season & alliance championship.

Both those end on July 6th. So expect the update July 7th with patch notes Friday July 3rd.

If they are this week, then tomorrow. I really hope so, as they are probably completed already. Ludia, you don’t have to give us update next tuesday. Just give us these notes so we can know if the update is worth waiting for


Probabaly in July. Notes friday 10th, update tuesday 14th. They have national holiday on July 1st, so I don’t expect they will work much that week. Doing update with boosts reset right before advantage tournament would be big mistake.

Unfortunately I have doubts the update (or at least the release notes) will be coming in June, but I expect to see them during the beginning of July.

All I’m looking forward to for tomorrow is this!


Tomorrow The Isle evrima update is launching too.


There are like 30+ families based on datamines. So we can get a lot more teasers.

We will probably get the super exciting flyers tomorrow.

Was excited…until Don(insert word that I cannot say here without getting banned) ruined it with his damn superiority complex and insulting a teenager for giving valid constructive criticism

Oooooh…where can I see these datamines?

I’ve only heard of them through the whisper of the winds.

Or a Canadian social media

Or logic

Oh I saw that one already lol! Was talking about those families

Maybe just the scents or maybe all the scientific groups each of the dinos are in. That would take a while. I predict that only half of creatures are even going to be in one as most don’t have a special power and not having enough of them with that power that are even similar.

I predict some regenerations that can regenerate the whole team.

Likely next week notes just before last advantage tournament. Update on the 29th of June. We get to mess around with the new meta for the last Tournament

Idk,i would like Ludia take their time making the update so it’s more polish,less buggy and such

yes, please! :pray: