When are they going to say it? 🍊

Based on the dialogue, it’s been evident for a while that Clementine/Grace and the MC love each other. So then why haven’t the writers made Clementine/Grace say it or made it a dialogue option for the player to select yet? Especially when a lot of my other matches have said it much sooner. :exploding_head:
Please writers, add it soon. :pleading_face: But don’t force it, make it seem natural


I think it happens during the 4th or 5th cycle of the character

Now we know that her roommate Caleb is a good guy and no longer a threat to her and the MC’s relationship. The perfect time for them to say I love you to each other would be during the short vacay they are going on soon.

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I’m not there yet as I reset and only reading my favorites

No one has got to the short vacay yet. The story stopped before it happened, but hopefully, it’s soon. :smiley: :crossed_fingers:

That’s really annoying. There were multiple perfect opportunities during the last date for either Clementine/Grace or the MC to say “I love you” :roll_eyes:

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Another missed opportunity. Waiting for either Clementine/Grace or the MC to say ‘I love you’ reminds me of waiting for Jim and Pam from The Office (US) to admit they have feelings for each other. :sob:

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Lovelink Writers: write another date with multiple perfect opportunities for Clementine/Grace or the MC to say “I love you”, but they don’t say it

Maybe it’s one of those unspoken but acknowledged things

It does seem like it, but it would be nice if they said it once. I’m hoping it happens before there’s another break in her story. :crossed_fingers: :crossed_fingers: :crossed_fingers:

I have a feeling that this might be foreshadowing it. :thinking:

With Fei returning, the chances are Clementibe/Grace is gone again, before either her or the MC says “I love you” :sob: