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When are they going to say it? 🍊

Based on the dialogue, it’s been evident for a while that Clementine/Grace and the MC love each other. So then why haven’t the writers made Clementine/Grace say it or made it a dialogue option for the player to select yet? Especially when a lot of my other matches have said it much sooner. :exploding_head:
Please writers, add it soon. :pleading_face: But don’t force it, make it seem natural


I think it happens during the 4th or 5th cycle of the character

Now we know that her roommate Caleb is a good guy and no longer a threat to her and the MC’s relationship. The perfect time for them to say I love you to each other would be during the short vacay they are going on soon.

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I’m not there yet as I reset and only reading my favorites

No one has got to the short vacay yet. The story stopped before it happened, but hopefully, it’s soon. :smiley: :crossed_fingers:

That’s really annoying. There were multiple perfect opportunities during the last date for either Clementine/Grace or the MC to say “I love you” :roll_eyes:

Another missed opportunity. Waiting for either Clementine/Grace or the MC to say ‘I love you’ reminds me of waiting for Jim and Pam from The Office (US) to admit they finally have feelings for each other. :sob: