When are they resetting trophies?


They made a comment in the big update that they are going to be resetting trophies and award a prize to anyone who had over 3500 rating. Does anyone know when this is actually going to happen?


Yes, some kind of notification ahead would be nice.


Also, do we know if it is 3500+ at the time of the change or have been there at some point? I’m hovering around that and don’t want to drop below one night and have it patch right after.


I just got to 3,580 and am debating whether to hold, or keep battling and hope I don’t dip under right before the reset.


My best guess is that it will happen the same day as the cheater deadline. Or the next day at least. It was 14 days from whenever they made that announcement. I can’t go find it at the moment myself


Roughly the 13th of August, I’d say. They posted the cheater notice on 7/30/2018.


Would be good to know - hovering just above the limit - nearly dropped below last night after a run of 6 defeats. Don’t want to stop my steam of incubators but don’t want to miss out …