When are we going to get a fix for the"invalid target" error?

You devs DEFINITELY know what I’m talking about. This is a VITAL aspect to the game yet you can’t fix this? I’m trying to target an enemy with an attack, or buff one of my allies but tapping on that specific character either yields no results or an invalid target message.

I mean WHAT IS THE HOLD UP? You know this is a common problem AND is a serious detriment to gameplay. And this happens in pvp too, this is inexcusable.

Hey there, @sigma, our team is actively working on a fix and they hope to release it as soon as possible.

For me, it mainly happens if it’s my turn and I tap and hold on an enemy or friendly, you know, after taunt and counterattack on Tom with his epic gear that gives AC when hit and when attacking, nice to see that 80k AC just because lol though after a certain point it doesn’t seem to matter what your AC is, at 80k I’m expecting to take like 10 damage instead I still take a couple hundred

Workaround: close the game and reopen it.

The current level will reset, but you won’t lose anything but time.

Clearly, the devs have no intention of fixing this. This bug has been happening for months.