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When are you going to solve issues

Im really tired of writing to support and receiving the same empty response of a very kind man called Mark.

  1. Still many battles being disconnected.
  2. Any solution to attack buttons magicly dissapearing?
  3. And what about not being able to choose the attack I want.
  4. Alliance chat is a complete mess going up and down up and down…
  5. Two dino appear. you dart the first one, then the second dissapesrs. So I usually bave to choose which is more important.
  6. Still dracoceratops visual bug that doesn’t let you remove him after third turn…
  7. and what about improving the fuse system?
  8. unbalanced time to dart dinos in events. So you consider enough 1 day for 48 attemps and 2 days for 1 attemp. hehehehehe

It’s a pity I’ve supported Ludia so many times buying incubators and some VIP membership. Not because of results of my PVP but system not fair…

I’m in a very active Alliance with good colleagues and that is the only reason I keep playing tje game.

Please, consider do something because hey, it’s a good game with bad support and evolution


Hey, @Pirulass, I am sorry to hear that these issues are still negatively affecting your game experience but I want to thank you for reaching out to us and compiling your concerns in one post. Rest assured that our team is aware of the issues that you have mentioned, and that they are working on solutions that will improve everyone’s game experience.

#5 though. Makes me ill.

Hi John,
This is exactly the same type of message sent by your support colleage Mark.

Yeah, right, you are working on it but meanwhile we players that have supported the game are suffering this issues.

As I have said, the aim of supporting was not only because of incubators but rewarding Ludia’s initial effort on this game and helping Ludia to maintain the game.

Not only the game expereince has worsened that I am not really having fun.

I have recently faced several rivals in 4700 (really difficult area to. fight) in which rivals had dinos barely Reaching 21/22 with one unique and two at most and then, 10 minutes later 5 rivals with 25/27 dinos, most of. them uniques.

My team is between 23/24…

I can sometimes handle this big stuff… but wrong matchmaking makes me hate this game as days go. Not asking for easy victories, just asking for fair battles.

Still don’t understand green stops ot whatever you call them in Engrisch. Unless we players are 24/7 365 days playing the game it is almost imposible to dart 36 dinos in 1-2 days. I think there are even more people in working age playing this game than children. Rework that…

Still fuse system is kind of… well, already said in my previous message.

and… ehhh, what about events to get easy uniques.? It has also been a big push on my team but… hey, now low level players have created some important dinos without even effort? 5 tries to dart what ever and I feel it is disrespectful for us players who Obtained uniques in the traditional way with hours and work.

Keep focusing on visual thingis and new dinos… while base game and game expereince is broken…
I know you are here to make money with ads and in app purchases but please, respect us players who trusted you