When boosts reset, which Dino you kicking to the curb?

If we ever get a boost reset again, which of your creatures is your weakest link to bench? For me it’s Magna, but Mammolania has also become a bore for me to play.


Tryko and smilonemys. Not quite pulling their weight anymore.


Geminititan, mammolania, trykosaurus, thylacotator, tenontorex, ceramagnus and probably hadros lux…

It would have been faster to say what would stay in the team… :rofl:

That would be gorgotrebax, monolorhino and mortem rex.


Mammolania is doing its job. It just suffers the comparison to the other tank that is the immortal testacornibus.


In order to progress I probably need to bench Tryko, Magna, Gemini and Hadros.

This would leave me with Gorgo, Morty, Monolorhino and Cera and I would add SR3, Indotaurus, that new unique Phora thingy and Skoona. The game is bad enough as it is for me to even consider using that revolting testa deer thing that refuses to ever die. I’d rather stay where I am forever than use that thing.

But without a boost shuffle or reset I’m not gonna change anything as losing 50% of my boosts is not an option


And just as I said that, Magna got me over the hump to Nublar. Thanks girl, sorry to dis you.

And a hockey assist to Testa….



Spyx. Nothing against it, I just want to use CompC more.

Magnus and Morty.

Not because I don’t find them useful, but because I’m giving up on raids after I’ve unlocked them. I’ll replace them with Scorpius 3 and Phorurex.

Thordo the rest has a purpose

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Tryko, Acrocanthops and maybe Gem if I can’t find a good replacement

i would maybe bench magna, but all my hybrids besides tenato and indom are level 21-23 sadly. its still really good in aviary for evasion users if it has speed boosts

Cera, Hadros, and sadly because I always loved it, Magnapyritor (It was always very useful to me, particularly at killing the countless Cera, but now that Cera will likely drop down in numbers, I may need a third free spot, so good by my friend)

I feel like this is what happened to Hadros as well.


I just got TenRex to lvl 30, but it certainly has lost some of it’s fire, so I’d like to replace it, but I don’t really have a suitable replacement on standby currently. Lux has also become pretty weak compared to how it was pre nerf, so if any, it would be those two. I’d like to bring in Skoona, U Compys or Testa but none of them are at team level yet… Testa is almost at 28, so I’d stick it on my team heavily boosted at 28…

We are all in the same boat… If we would eventually get a boost reset, we will all have to make the hard choice. Either keep our old higher level dinos, and hope for a second boost reset when these will be fully team levels, or do the usual, put them in our team, boost the up, take a pounding until they are fully level. And then start crushing others who didn’t do that, and will ask for a second boost reset…

Lol if anyone asks for a second boost reset, they’ll get no sympathy from me. One reset/semi reset per update should be expected (at least for balance updates), but if you don’t take advantage of that, it’s on you.


They won the championship btw!

I’d probably unboost tenrex

I think losing a rampage and damage was too much. It more or less loss its way to cleanse distraction as well. All in all it was too much. Instead of a slowing impact if it had the cleansing impact that testacornibus has it would make hadros lux close to relevant again.


stripping all the boosts and waiting. They’ll nerf anything you put them into the following patch