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When can alliances have more than 50 members?


I wish alliances could allow for more than 50 people. My alliance has been full for a few weeks already and I have a few more friends who are interested in joining but I am unable to accommodate everyone since my alliance is full.

Would having more than 50 members cause major issues in terms of programming that capability? Is the reason behind 50 just an arbitrary number? Would having more than 50 members cause big issues with alliance missions which would then require an overhaul of what the achievements should be with more people?

I’m just curious. I want to be able to include everyone that wants to join.


Not at present. I would imagine that the limit is to stop an Alliance having so many that trading DNA and Alliance missions becomes too easy.

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When they copied the idea of donations from alliance members from clash royale they also decided the 50 player limit per clan their was a good number too… now alliance missions are balanced around 50 people.

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