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When can I go Dominator?

Hey guys was wondering when you were able/ decided to turn your lineup into something Dominator worthy. I have a couple doubles of Lvl 30 legendaries but dont know if it would be a good idea to increase their ferocities but also increasing cool downs which would mean less dinos to use. Currently have another level 30 unaysaur on the way.

Well you do have a hell lot of dna. But I use level 20 vips mostly or level 30 vips for my grind.


This is always a loaded question. It really depends on a few things that can or cannot come together and allow you to finish in dom.

  1. You can get dom finishes with sub par teams but, you need a lot of them and you need to be willing to lose a fair amount of battles and also do lots and lots of battles per day.

  2. Just a few “good” dino’s will not guarantee you dom finishes. A combination of quality and quantity (depth) is probably the best way to go but again, you can get by with quantity if you are willing to battle a lot and accept some losses as you keep trying to get favorable match ups

  3. Specific stats are more important than combined stats in some strategies. For example. One common strategy is to use a high health dino in the 1st slot as a “meat shield” so you can build reserve points. For this strategy that dino’s attack does not matter since you will not really attack with it (much). So dino’s like lvl 10 apatosaurus and lvl 30 Therizinosaurus that have really high health but no attack work great in the 1st slot for this strategy and they are low level dino’s but can still work well for this purpose. Typically after the first dino you would use something with more attack, but health might not be as important for the 2nd dino slot. So you might be able to get away with something like a lvl 40 Postosuchus or lvl 10 Prestosuchus. Again low level dinos but they have high attack and will serve the purpose of being able to deal out damage and with any luck have enough moves left for defense or to just reserve for your 3rd dino.

  4. With a bad strategy “good” teams can still lose fairly often.

Those are just a few examples, another popular strategy is using 2 very low lvl dinos and then 1 strong dino but for this strategy to work in dom you need some pretty decent stuff that you don’t have yet.

Do a search, there is tons of topics on this and typically some type of convo about it in just about every single tournament thread.

check out this topic as well


I was the king of quantity over quality for Dom finishes. My top dino was a L40 T-Rex for a long time. I road L20 Anklydocus hybrids to Dom finishes. They have an 8 hour cool down, I battled 3 times a day Friday/Sat/Sunday. I had about a 50% loss rate. My main teams were L20 Anklydocus hybrid/L30 Diplo hybrid/L10 VIP Carno with high attack and sometimes a T-Rex or other L40 Ledg.

I just gave up matches I couldn’t win and played the ones I could. Lots of tough battles.

I targeted the L20 Anklydocus because I could get it dom ready with 2 hatches and one evolve. L30 Diplo was cheap enough too. I also ran L10 VIPs Apoto/Presto/Concave

You’ll need at least 8 teams you can run 3 times a day for whole weekend and once Monday morning. 8 teams * 3 times a day * 3 days +8 (once more Monday morning) yields 80 battles at 50% win rate. You typically need 40 wins (40*35pts = 1400).

Eventually I had enough teams to finish by Saturday night.

I never spent any DB on cool downs.


My lineup is similar to yours and it is very difficult to stay in predator league without spending a craziness of bux…

image image

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You have a lot of L30 Legendary dinos. Those won’t cut it in dom.

The bottom really is L10 VIPs and they only win 50% of the time. The only exception was the L30 Diplo, which is just below L10 Vip, but always used right after a herbivore.


I’m gonna give you something here that’s probably going to blow your mind. You can already hit Dominator. I repeat: You can ALREADY hit Dominator.

For reference, my first Dominator finish was a double Dom for the Armormata fusion tournaments. At the start of that week my strongest dino was Indo-Rex level 5. By the end of that week I decided to go all-in and level my two Indo-Rexes to 10 and fuse a single Acro 11. Since then, I’ve never missed a single Dominator.

You happen to have Diplotator 30 and Antarctopelta 20. That was actually my favorite team to use back then. You lead Pelta, put Diplo behind it, and use something like Indo-Rex 10 in the back. That team for me had over 80% winrate in high Predator and Dominator.

You have over 3 full pages of dinos I would consider usable in high Predator and in Dominator. In fact, the lowest ferocity team I was using back then was Kaproschus 40 Labyrinthosaurus 40 VIP 10. The winrate was only around 50% but that’s how low you can go. I only had 5 usable teams when I hit double Dominator. You have 8-9, not to mention all the potential fusions you can do such as VIP 11s and leveling up some of those top dinos.

Try it next tournament. I’m estimating you should have at least 4-5 teams with nearly 100% winrate and if you use all 8-9 teams your winrate’s probably still over 70%. If you need help I can give you some tips about playing mismatches against the tournament AI that’ll probably help you out. Hitting Dominator really shouldn’t be a problem with that lineup.

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Level 30 legendaries actually do work. I tried limit testing before with Baryonyx 10 Scaphognathus 30 Concavenator 10 and the team had like 50% winrate, maybe a bit less. You just have to get lucky and hope that you get the right class order, and that your AI is friendly to you

5 teams 100% win rate… I think that is a bit of a stretch

Every dino in their line up is in the 1 shot death or 2 shot death range for just about any dino you may face in a typical dom matchup.

You ain’t getting 100% win rate with stats like that, just saying.

They definitely have some teams to get some wins in dom but saying 100% or even 75% seems rather unlikely.

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Okay, sure, 100% is too much. But 75 is not. I claim here that all I require to win a Dom match is:

  • lead doesn’t get oneshot
  • opponent last dino doesn’t have advantage over my last dino
  • I can 4shot everything

Given those, I can almost guarantee a win. Now obviously there’s exceptions and if you’re playing with fire like this you aren’t going to win every match but I’ve managed to sustain very high winrate with those teams. I vividly remember a stretch during a tournament where I went 23/24 or something insane like that in the timespan of 2 days, with Acro 11 as my best dino and only about 4 dinos higher than VIP 10.

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Wow, 75% for you means that first one shots or two shots with class disadvatnages? Hmmm. I’ll wait to have a deepen team to make dom.

It means you could have won THIS?

Here’s the typical blueprint for a huge mismatch win.
Your lead doesn’t get oneshot.
Turn 1, you block 1. AI does something
Turn 2, you pray that AI didn’t reserve 2 and you block 2
Turn 3, you reserve 3 and sack your lead
Turn 4, you have 7 points. You take out their lead
Turn 5, you reserve 4 and the AI massively overkills you trying to guarantee a kill
Turn 6, you have 8 points on your last dino, you take out their second, you block 3, AI attacks 4, you win

Sometimes there’s switching involved. Sometimes there’s a lot of switching involved. Sometimes the AI decides to not play ball and do something weird and you lose. But usually that’s how it works, as long as you understand how the computer thinks and learn to exploit it

Here, have a look at matches I was winning in Dominator.


I need a more deepen team

Honestly, you don’t need a deeper team. You only need about 15 dinos above legendary 30 for this to potentially work. Especially since you have plenty of VIPs that you can spam all day provided you have the time. It’s more about luck with matchups and with the AI and patience. For example, see that second matchup you posted? I would say that’s in the realm of possibility. With the specific matchup and class orientation I don’t think it’s very likely to win that, but purely by stats that is a very winnable match.

Hi thanks for that. Yea Im quite familiar with the battle strategies and have read older threads as well. Though what spoke to me most based on your reply was your 1st and 2nd point. Ive been thinking about whether I should fuse them or leave it as is for now as based on what you said, only a few stronger ones wouldn’t really cut it. I was actually thinking initially if maybe i should wait until Im able to have 1 level 40 and 2 level 30 legendaries then go from there so I wouldnt run out mid tournament/ spend too much DBs.

You have 2 VIP 10 pairs and 2 non-maxed legendary hybrids. If you don’t mind, fuse those VIPs to 11 and then level the legendary hybrids to 10, and each of those dinos is strong enough to carry 2 level 30 legendaries in Dominator. From a lineup standpoint you probably don’t want to do that because they’re all carnivores but if you have a tournament you really want to get (e.g. me in the Armormata tournaments), then go for it. My advice to hit Dominator fast would be stock up on ~2400 ferocity dinos, then have a few 3000+ ferocity carries to tack onto them. 2 2400s and a 3300 (VIP 11) is 2700 AFS, higher than 3 VIP 10s and also stronger due to your strongest dino being better. Again, don’t do this unless you’re desperate.

Everyone plays tournaments a little different, it’s up to you in the long run to figure out what you like and what works for you. I myself and other forum members can really only tell you what we like and what we think about your lineup. That doesn’t mean we are correct or wrong about any of it, again there are different viable strategies.

My personal preference when my lineup wasn’t as good as it is now was something like this.

If I could help it, I wanted my lead off dino to have at least 1600 health, 1700 even better, and the higher from there better still. You can certainly get wins with less, but in my experience having 1600 or more gives you a much better chance of not getting 1hk or 2hk right off the bat.

The only other criteria I really liked to meet was I preferred my 2nd and 3 dino’s to have over 500 attack, and again the more over that the better. Having over 500 atk gives you a good chance to 3 or 4hk most opponents you may come across.

Again, those were just some of my preferences and doesn’t mean you can’t with with less but aiming for several teams that can meet those criteria wouldn’t be a bad start towards a team that can get consistent wins.


@Raptor43577 Yea was thinking of levelling them up as well but then again if I do that, Im also worried that my lineup would become disproportionate. I probably wouldve done that if i knew what I knew now with the Iguanodon lol.

Not sure if Im correct, but the teams I use look a bit similar to what youre describing for your teams. but for some reason, even if I do get dominator on the 1st or 2nd day (ranked 80th- ish), on the 3rd day I just lose it so yea, I may need to fuse some more. And thats me also using DB so I have no idea how you are able to achieve that lol, but that sounds really ideal though.